Monday, December 8, 2008

"DAYO", An Animated Film for the 2008 MMFF

Dayo is a heartwarming animated film created by the Cutting Edge Productions a local animator. Dayo will competes with seven other films for the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Dayo is all about overcoming one's fear and triumphing over adversity. Dayo's story centers on a 11 year old boy named Bubuy (voiced by Nash Aguas). He was about to save his abducted grandparents in a magical and mystical world called Elementalia. Along his journey he will meet a Manananggal named Anna Manananggirl. A manananggal is a winged creature in which she can separate her lower part of her body to her torso. Anna the manananggal helps Bubuy in his quest in searching for his abducted lolo and lola.

In this animated movie you will see lots of mythical creature like tikbalang (a half horse, half man creature), kapre (a very tall creature) and other aswang.

Dayo also features voices of Michael V., Noel Trinidad, Nova Villa, Johnny Delagado, Peque Gallaga and Laurice Guillen.

I think this movie will surely loved by kids and also kids at heart. I will definitely watched this movie along with the other Metro Manila Film Festival entries.

Dayo and other Metro Manila Film Festival movie will be on big screen on Christmas Day December 25, 2008.

Movie Trailer: