Friday, December 28, 2007

Shutter 2008 Movie another Remake

shutter 2008 remakeWell, here's another movie again to be remake now its a Thai film entitled Shutter. The 2004 Shutter movie is not that scary, that's what I think. Now, Shutter is to be remake and this movie is to be directed by Masayuki Ochiai and this movie is expected to be released on the 21st of March 2008.

Shutter 2004 was the top grossing film in Thailand at that time. Let us all see if the remake will also be a top grosser of 2008.

The remake will star Rachel Taylor, Joshua Jackson, Erica Leerhsen and many more.

The Shutter remake is all about a newly wed couple who will encounter an auto accident during their honeymoon in Tokyo.

Benjamin Shaw is a young photographer and Jane Shaw is her new wife. While on a trip they will be both involved in a car accident. After that tragedy they will discover mysterious shadows on every photos that will be taken by Benjamin's camera. They just ignore what they see not knowing that its the start of their horrible experience and that they cannot escape what happen to their past.

Movie Trailer:

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales MovieThe Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie is an upcoming computer animated movie to be release on theaters on January 11, 2008. This movie is the second feature length film in the Veggie Tales Series.

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie is a story of three lazy mopping misfits namely Elliot, Sedgewick and George. The three dream of the day where they all quit as busboys at the Pieces of Ate Dinner Theater and be the star in a big pirate show.

But, because of Elliot's timidity, George lack of confidence and Sedgewick's laziness their dream are really hard to reach. And the three need to overcome those traits and be able to prove that their dreams will come true.

The life of the three misfits will about to change because of a mysterious ball that came from the sky and lands towards them. The mysterious ball is called the "Helpseeker". The Helpseeker came from the past and they are in search of heroes. The three were sent back to 17th century. The three are now in trouble and they all need to face their fears and battle not only for their survival but also for the survival of the royal family.

Movie Trailer:

DragonBall Z movie (2008)

dragonball z movieAkira Toriyama's manga Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular Japanese manga will be having its live action movie adaptation.

The Dragon Ball Z movie is directed by James Wong who is also the director of Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer. This movie was set to be released on August 15, 2008 worldwide.

Some movie critiques said that the upcoming movie sucks but I still read some articles about it and lots of people are waiting for the release. Maybe, for them to rate it and to compare it to the anime.

Dragon Ball Z is about a young man named Goku who is about to save the world with his super power. He was sent to Earth for him to find the seven dragon balls but, he need to find it first before Piccolo find it. Piccolo want to take over the world that's why he want the dragon balls.

Justin Chatwin is the one who will portray the role of Goku. According to some sources he already begun his training for some stunt that he needed to do in order to portray the role perfectly. James Marsters is the one who will play the role of Piccolo.

There are some questions in my mind upon hearing this upcoming movie. Will it be a hit? or will they make the Dragon Ball Z movie as good as the anime?

Lets all wait and see for this upcoming movie. As of now, below is the teaser trailer of Dragon Ball Z the movie.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jack and Diane Movie with Ellen Page and Olivia Thirlby..

Maybe you will guys think that Jack and Diane is a song. Yes, you are not mistaken. Jack and Diane is a popular song back year 1982. But, the jack and Diane that I am referring here is an upcoming movie.

I logged in on a forum and saw a thread entitles Jack and Diane Movie, I thought its one of the upcoming drama movie and wondered why is a thread which is a drama movie is posted on a horror forum. So, I open the thread and read some post. And I was shocked knowing that this movie is a horror film about a lesbian werewolf.

There's no exact release date yet but the movie goes like this..

Jack(Olivia Thirlby) and Diane(Ellen Page), two teenage girls, meet in New York City and spend the night kissing ferociously. Diane's charming innocence quickly begins to open Jack's tough skinned heart. But, when Jack discovers that Diane is leaving the country in a week she tries to push her away. Diane must struggle to keep their love alive while hiding the secret that her newly awakened sexual desire occasionally turns her into a werewolf. from IMDB.
This movie will be directed by Bradley Rust Gray. It is a combination of Drama, horror and thriller genres.

I will post more information soon. This movie is on production.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Strangers (2008) - Trailer, Plot, Cast

the strangers movie posterA suspense thriller movie set to be release on August 29, 2008. The Strangers movie is directed by Bryan Bertino with stars Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman and many more.

A movie that will surely terrify every audience and inspired by the true event.

The Strangers movie is all about a young couple namely Kristen and James is in a vacation home. But three dangerous masked strangers are about ti terrorized them. Because of that the couples are force to fight for their survival.

Liv Tyler as Kristen
Scott Speedman as James
Glenn Howerton as Mike
and many more..

Movie Trailer:

Run Fat Boy Run (2008)

Run Fat Boy Run movie posterRun Fat Boy Run movie is a romantic comedy movie to be release on March 28, 2008. It is directed by with cast David SchwimmerDylan Moran, Thandie Newton, Simon Pegg who also wrote the movie along with Michael Ian Black and many more.

Run Fat Boy Run is a story of a man named Dennis Doyle who is about to marry his pregnant fiance. But, on the day of the wedding he got confused and run away the wedding leaving his fiance and the rest of the visitors.

After five years, he realized that he still love Libby the woman whom he left on the altar. But Dennis discover that Libby already seeing a guy named Whit along with their son Jake. Dennis have to do something to win Libby and Jake's heart back. He finds out that Whit is a runner and he is about to run on the London Mike Marathon. He decided to run to the race where Whit will join for him to be able to prove to his friends and Libby that he is serious.

Dennis to everything to be able to win the race. But before the race began he heard that Whit proposes to Libby on Libby's birthday and she accept it. Despite of the depression that Dennis felt he still continue the race. During the race, Whit and Dennis had an accident that ends the two of them on a hospital. But, after a long rest Dennis went back to the race not knowing that Libby went to the hospital and became angry because of what happen. But sooner or later, upon watching the replay of the said accident Libby saw that Whit is the one who tripped Dennis off. This results in Libby and his son Jake being angry to Whit and they are both going to met Jake at the finish line. Dennis been able to finish the race and be able to reconcile to Libby and their son Jake.

Movie Trailer:

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kung Fu Dunk (2008) - Teaser Trailer, Trailer

Kung Fu Dunk movie posterKung Fu Dunk is a 2008 Chinese action movie. It was set to be release on Hong Kong theaters on February 7, 2008. A movie that is inspired by the manga Slam Dunk and supposedly the title of the movie. According to a news, the title of the movie was replaced to avoid confusion with a comic book franchise.

The stars of the upcoming action movie are Jay Chou, Charlene Choi, Bo-Lin Che James Z. Feng and many more. This movie is directed by Yen-Ping Chu and produced by the Emperor Motion Pictures.

Kung Fu Dunk movie is a story of a orphan boy named Shi-Jie who grew up in a Kung Fu school and was discovered that he has hidden talents in playing basketball. he was recruited by a university because of his skills in Slam Dunk. Wang Li the one who is trying to locate the family of Shi-Jie told him to join the University basketball team for him to earn money.

As Shi-Jie joins the basketball team he's about to face a new challenges while trying to be friends and blend with his co-team mates. And also for the upcoming championship and for fighting for the girl he loves.

Teaser Trailer:

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fly Me To The Moon (2008)

Fly me to the moon posterFly Me To The Moon movie is the first ever animated movie that is designed, released and created exclusively in 3D. This movie was produced by nWave Picture and is directed by Ben Stassen. This movie is set to be release on February 15, 2008.

Fly Me To The Moon movie is a story of three flies who wanted to prove that dreamers won't get swatted. Nat, I.Q. and Scooter will try a new adventure because they are all tired of talking about some kids stuff. Nat told his two best friends about astronauts and his plans to get aboard the Apollo 11 and fly to the moon.

The three flies stow away from their home and went to the space center command. They created their own space suits and hide inside the helmets of the three famous astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. The three flies are about to make a history of their own.

The NASA was monitoring the said flight and the three soon to be heroic flies wave in the background. Because of that lots of problems arrived but in the end the three flies return as a heroes with a slogan of "Adventures Forever! Dreamers get swatted? Never!"

Movie Trailer:

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2008)

The Poughkeepsie Tapes movie posterThe Poughkeepsie Tapes was said to be the perfect blend of two horror films, The Blairwitch Project and Hostel.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes movie was screened by the Tribeca Film Festival last April 17, 2007. This movie was directed by John Dowdle with cast are Stacy Chbosky, Ben Messmer, Samantha Robson, ivar Brogger, Lou George and many more. The Poughkeepsies Tapes movie is an independent mockumentary movie produced by Brothers Dowdle Productions and was set to be release on theaters on February 8, 2008. This movie is a documentary piece of a fictional serial killer.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes movie is all about a serial killer who is filming every little details that he's doing before and after he kills someone. He collects every tapes and was found in an abandoned house. The tapes that the police and the investigator discover was said to be the most disturbing evidence that they ever found.

The movie talks about the tapes and how the detectives and the police start to know who is the behind that killing. The trailer that is available here that I found in different sites such as the Movie Mojo and Bloody Disgusting makes me having a goosebumps. It really makes me scared hearing the voice of a woman who is being killed it really makes my heart pump really hard. I got three embedded trailer here but if your not that brave enough I didn't recommend you to watch those trailers.

Movie Trailer:

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Mad Money 2008 Movie

mad money posterMad Money movie is the first movie of the Overture Films to be release on January 18, 2008, directed by Callue Khouri with stars Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes and many more.

Mad Money is a story of a three lovely desperate women who is suffering from one problem "MONEY". As they met each other on the Federal Bank where the three are working.

Bridget, Nina and Jackie are three ordinary woman who planned to steal money from the most secured bank in the United States. Everyone of them has its own plan on what they were going to do with the money. But sooner or later, they will realyze that taking the money is very easy to do but getting away with it will be harder than they ever imagine.

Movie Trailer:

Friday, December 14, 2007

Horton Hears A Who! (2008)

Horton Hears a Who! posterHorton Hears A Who! is an animated movie by the book of Dr. Seuss with the same title to be release on theaters on March 14, 2008. Featuring the voice of Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell, Carol Burnett and directed by Jimmy Hayward
and Steve Martino.

This movie is all about an Elephant names Horton who hears something on a speck of dust. The small voice sounds like crying for help. So, Horton decided to help them and believe that "a person is a person, no matter how small".
Horton be able to talk to the Whos who live in the Whoville. Horton was shock when he discover that it is not only a person but a town, a very small town.
As time goes by, Horton protects the speck of dust where his little friends live. But, a kangaroo and a little kangaroo on its pouch don't want to believe him. They even get the speck of dust to Horton and give it to an eagle where it bring it in the middle of millions of flowers. Horton followed the eagle for him to be able to save his little friends. After several days, he saw the speck of dust and ask his little friends if they are alright.
The mayor of the Whoville told Horton that they are all okay but some of their furnitures are broken and need some fixing.
One day, the kangaroos are back and they want the speck of dust disappears. Horton beg at the kangaroos but they don't want to listen. Horton talks to the mayor of the Whoville and told them to do everything that they can for the Kangaroos to hear them. The people of the Whoville do everything for them to be heard. And at long last, they were heard by the Kangaroos and just like Horton, the Kangaroos now want to protect the speck of dust for the sake of the little Whos who live there.

Jim Carrey is the voice of Horton the Elephant, Steve Carell is the Mayor of Whoville, Carol Burnett as the voice of kangaroo and many more.

Movie Trailer:

How to Rob A Bank Movie..

how to rob a bank posterAs I saw the title of this movie, at first I thought its not a movie and wondered why do they need to teach how to rob a bank? well, I see that title literary and not as a movie.

How To Rob A Bank movie is a 2008 movie to be release on January 25, 2008. This movie is directed by Andrew Jenkins with stars Nick Stahl, Erika Christensen, Gavin Rossdale and many more.

Movie Plot:
Jinx a twenty something slacker and Jessica a bank employee are locked inside the vault of a bank but that's not the only problem that they are facing. They are also caught in the middle of a bank robbery.
They are the only persons who can set out to arbitrate the situation between the robbers and the police.

Nick Stahl as Jinx
Erika Christensen as Jessica
Gavin Rossdale as Simon
Terry Crews as Officer Degepde
and many more..

Movie Trailer:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

List of Top 10 Grossing Films of 2007..

Well, year 2007 is about to end. We only have 18 days before 2008. That was 2 weeks and 4 days. So, before the year of the golden pig ends I will list the top 10 grossing films of 2007.

As we all know, no movie could ever beat the Worldwide top grossing film which is Titanic that was released year 1997. Its gross is worth $1,845,034,188.

top grossing filmsThis year the top grossing film is Spider-Man 3. Even though lots of critiques said that it is not as good as the first two movie it still rank as number 1 on the top grossing film of 2007. The total gross of this movie is $336,530,303 for almost 4,324 theaters.

top grossing filmsNumber 2 is Shrek The Third. Shrek the Third movie was released on theaters on May 18, 2007. Its total gross is worth $321,012,359. It is the thrid sequel of the Shrek movie. Just like the Spider-man 3 movie Shrek the third's has some negative ratings but it still manages to rank as number 2.

top grossing filmsNext in the list is the Transformers. A movie that gross over $319,071,806 for over 4,050 theaters. The live action film adaptation of Robots in disguise that was released last June 28, 2007. Transformers movie top in the box office in ten countries. It even sets a record in China as the top grossing foreign language film.

top grossing filmsFourth on the list is the Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World's End with the gross of almost $309,420,425. This movie also received mixed reviews specially the plot. Most of the reviewers said that the plot of this movie is too difficult to follow. But Pirates of the Caribbean's third sequel prove that the movie is great and that cause them to rank as the fourth highest grossing film of 2007.

top grossing filmsHarry Potter and the Order of Phoenix is the top 5 grossing film of 2007. A fantasy adventure film that gross almost $292,002,846 in 4,285 theaters. It is the fifth sequel of the Harry Potter movie which is based on a novel with the same title.
top grossing films
The top 6 grossing film of 2007 is the movie The Bourne Ultimatum. The total gross of this movie is $227,471,070. Bourne Ultimatum movie is also based on a novel with the same title by Robert Ludlum.

top grossing filmsThe 300 movie's total gross is $210,614,939 and that makes the movie to be the top 7 on the list. The Spartans really did their very best to fight the Persian King. 300 is another film adaptation of a novel by Frank Miller.

top grossing filmsNumber 8 on the list is the movie with the famous rat chef Ratatouille. $206,435,493 is Ratatouille's movie gross. This animated series broke the record for an animated film biggest debut in France. It is also the third highest grossing Pixar movie worldwide with the total gross of $608,948,588.

top grossing filmsThe Simpsons Movie is on the 9th spot. The movie which is based on an animated television series has a gross of $183,121,527. This movie was Rated PG-13 by the MPAA because of some irreverent humor throughout.

top grossing filmsWild Hogs movie is on the top 10 with a total gross of $168,273,550. A comedy film with Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy are the stars of the said movie.

Other top grossing films are:

11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100

note that:
The total gross of each movie is based on the Domestic Total Gross from Box Office Mojo.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Creepshow A 1982 movie to be Remake..

Another famous movie is soon to be remake. Warner Bros Pictures is the one who will develop the remake of the 1982 horror-comedy movie.

Creepshow is a 1982 horror/comedy film directed by George A. Romero and was written by Stephen King. This movie is one of the most popular horror movie. This movie consists of five short films entitled "Joting Tales of horror", "Father's Day", "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill", "Something to Tide You Over", "The Crate" and "They're Creeping Up on You!".

Well, about the upcoming remake Warner Bros Pictures are not yet hired the writer of the remake. maybe, we will just have to wait for the other information. According to some sources the said remake is stated to be release on 2008. Also according to the Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros Pictures are planning to have a new version of the Creepshow. If the 1982 Creepshow movie with a collection of five stories but had nothing to do with one another. Now, the remake will share some characters.


No Cast yet..

Movie Trailer:

Coming Soon...

Water Horse: Legend of The Deep(2007) - Plot, Trailer, Cast

This upcoming movie is from the producer and special effects team of the Oscar-winning movie Lord of the Rings along with the Revolution Studios, Beacon Pictures and also from the creator of The Chronicles of Narnia Walden Media.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep was scheduled to be release on theaters on Christmas Day December 25, 2007. A fantasy film based on a novel of Dick king-Smith entitled The Water Horse. The said movie is directed by Jay Russell with cast Emily Watson, David Morrissey, Alex Etel and many more.

Movie Plot:
A young Scottish boy named Angus MacMarrow found an egg while walking on the beach. He take it home and take good care of it until it hatches. As the egg hatched it reveals a different type of creatures that he never seen before. Angus name the said creatures as Crusoe. Angus along with his family keep Crusoe as their pet and they do their best to keep Crusoe as a secret.
But as days passes by, Crusoe grows and grows. Angus and his family was so worried they have to look for the better place for Crusoe to be able to live. Angus begins his journey and look for the right place for his pet. He face his greatest fears and risk his life to protect Crusoe.
Angus decided to bring Crusoe to Loch Ness the place where he found the egg which is Crusoe. Soon Crusoe becomes famous and was named as Loch Ness Monster.

Alex Etel as Angus MacMarrow
Emily Watson as Anne MacMarrow
David Morrissey as Capt. Hamilton
and many more..

Movie Trailer:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Meet The Spartans (2008) - Trailer, Cast, Plot

Meet the spartansMeet the Spartans movie was said to be the spoof version of the blockbuster movie 300. A star studded movie with lots of casts, which includes Sean Maguire, Emily Wilson, Diedrich Bader, Briana Barran, Carmen Electra, Crista Flanagan, Nicole Parker, Jenny Robinson and many more..

On this movie, different personalities were portray by different artists such as Britney Spears portrayed by Nicole Parker, Greg Ellis as Shrek, Emily Wilson as Lindsay Lohan, Nick Steele as K-Fed and even the US President George W. Bush which is played by Jim Nieb.

Meet The Spartans Movie was created by the two of the comedic geniuses Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. The said masterpiece will be release on theaters on January 25, 2008.

To think that this is a spoof version of 300 movie. A movie that will surely rush every viewers to their nearest theaters. I will spent some cash on this movie when it hit the theaters. For me to be able to rate it just like the 300 movie.

Movie Trailer:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Over Her Dead Body(2008) - plot, cast, trailer

over her dead bodyOver her dead body is an upcoming movie to be release on February 1, 2008. Directed by Jeff Lowell with cast Eva Longoria Parker, Lake Bell, Paul Rudd and many more.

Over Her Dead Body is a story of a ghost who will try to sabotage her former boyfriend's relationship.

Kate was killed on the day of her wedding. Henry decided to consult a psychic because of his sister Chloe. He consulted a psychic named Ashley. Despite of henry's uncertainty over Ashley's psychic ability. He still found himself falling to the beautiful psychic. Because of that Ashley is being haunted by Kate's ghost. Kate wanted to ruin everything between Henry and Ashley.
Will Kate be able to break Henry and Ashley's relationship? or she will just let Henry and Kate be happy?

Eva Longoria Parker as Kate
Paul Rudd as Henry
Lake Bell as Ashley
and many more..

Movie Trailer:

Friday, December 7, 2007

Sex and the City (2008)

After the big hit as a television show in HBO Sex and the City will soon to be release on big screen. Sex in the City movie is scheduled to be release on May 30, 2008. With the same producer and director Michael Patrick King and also the four lovely ladies Jessica Parker, Kim Catrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon.

Sex and the City gained 50 Emmy nominations and it is the biggest hit television show back 1998. The television series ran for six seasons from 1998-2004.

The plot of the movie is not yet release because the featured film has been disclosed. But the trailer is now online. The trailer doesn't show anything, just a spoiler. You will see Carrie walking around her apartment wearing only her underpants with some picture taking scene and also a scene where Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are walking in the street of New York forming a line.

Movie Trailer:

Rambo 4: The Hell and Back (2008)

Who would ever forget the saga of Rambo. I think this is one of the most popular action film. And Silvester Stallone is the famous John James Rambo is back on big screen. It will be release on January 25, 2008.

Maybe, lots of Rambo fans are looking forward to this movie. After the third Rambo which is back year 1988. On the fourth sequel entitled Rambo: To Hell and Back where a skilled Vietnam War Veterans John James Rambo is back.

The Rambo: To Hell and Back goes like this. After saving his friends in Afghanistan on the third movie. John James Rambo travels back to Northern Thailand to be able to live a peaceful and happy life just like what he wanted. He live in the mountains and jungles of Northern Thailand.

But even though he avoided trouble, trouble still comes into his way. One day, he was searched and ask by the group of Christian human rights missionaries to guide them while traveling the river of Burma and they wanted to rent Rambo's boat. Because Burma has been a war zone for over fifty years, those missionaries would love to bring some medical assistant on the said country. Rambo accepts the said offer and takes the missionaries up to the river.

When the missionaries arrive at the Karen village they are ambushes by Major Pa Tee Tint. Some missionaries were tortured and murdered. Ed Baumgartner heard the sad news and decided to employs Rambo to lead a rescue along with five young highly divers mercenaries. They travel back to Karen Village to save the survivors from the hands of the sadistic Major.

Rambo 4: The Hell and Back is directed by Silvester Stallone with cast Julie Benz, Matthew Marsden, Graham McTavish, Linden Ashby, Maung Maung Khin and many more.

Movie Trailer:

Be Kind Rewind (2008)

Lookin For DVD:Be Kind RewindBe Kind rewind is a comedy movie to be released on January 25, 2008. This movie is directed by Michael Gondry with cast Jack Black, Mos Def, Danny Glover and many more.

This movie was best described as Sweeding. The process of remaking different movies from scratch. Just like what they did on the movie Be Kind Rewind. Why Sweeding? Sweeding because one of the protagonist in this movie which is Jerry portrayed by Jack Black told every customer that the videos will be imported from Sweden for the customer be able to wait for longer time and for the video to have the higher rental cost.

Movie Plot:
A junkyard worker Jerry tries to sabotage a power plant that he thinks causes his headaches. But something happens, his brain was magnetized because of the electric field that he creates. The Electric field deleted every movies in all of the videotapes in a local video stores where Mike his best friend works.
Because of what happen, Jerry think of a plan for his best friend not to be fired on his job and also to satisfy the most loyal renter on the said shop. Jerry and Mike started to re-creates every movies on the video shop using everyday materials that are commonly available.
They started to film every movies that the old lady would like to rent. From the classic movie Ghostbusters, Driving Miss Daisy, Rush Hour 2 and even The Lion King. They also re-create the movie A Space Odyssey, Boyz N The Hood and many more.
And of course, Jerry and Mike is the stars on those film. They even included their neighbors. Because of those films that they re-created, Jerry and Mike becomes the biggest stars in their neighborhood.

Jack Black as Jerry
Mos Def as Mike
Danny Glover as Mr. Fletcher
Mia Farrow as Ms. Kimberley
and many more..

Movie Trailer:

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Steep - A 2007 Documentary Movie

Steep is a 2007 documentary movie about the group of skiers who found their calling on top of the big mountain. This movie will be released on theaters on December 21, 2007. Directed by Mark D. Obenhaus. This movie will feature the tragic death of Dougg Coombs and also some greatest athletes which includes Bill Briggs, Stefanno De Benedetti, Eric Pehota, Glen Plake, Shane McConkey, Chris Davenport, Ingrid Backstorm and Andrew McLean.

They all know that skiing is a very dangerous sports. But, they are willing to take all the risk for them to be able to slope down the mountain. As one of the cast said "If there is no risk, There is no Adventure".

Skiing exist for almost 35 years and there are lots of people who sacrifices their own life for the sake of the adventure. Doug Coombs is one of the best known skier of big mountains. But sadly, he died because of an accident in skiing in La Grave, France.

Steep documentary movie also talks about the tragic death of Dougg Coombs and answer some questions such as: How does a skier weigh the risks versus the rewards of a sport where the possibility of dying is ever present?

Movie Trailer:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fool's Gold - 2008 movie..

Fool's Gold is an upcoming movie for 2008, it is all about a couple who is discovers a treasure that make their life change. As time goes by they become popular they even got the opportunity to be part of the National Geographic.
They try to look for another treasure the next year. This lead their relationship to misunderstanding and end up with a divorce. After the broke up, they live their life alone and far from each other. They look for clues to the missing treasure.
Will they be able to see the said treasure and reconcile? or they will still be separated?..

Fool's Gold movie is directed by Andy Tennant and is soon to be released on February 8, 2008 with cast Kate Hudson, Benjamin McConaughey and many more.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

National Treasure: Book of Secrets is a sequel of the 2004 movie National Treasure. This movie will be released on theaters on December 21, 2007 directed by Jon Turteltaub with the cast of 2004 movie National Treasure Nicolas Cage, Justin Bartha, Jon Voight joined with Ed Harris, Harvey Keitel, Helen Mirren and many more.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets was rated PG for some violence and action. According to the movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer the upcoming movie has a surprise ending with lots of new twist.

This movie is all about the missing pages from the diary of John Wikes Booth surfaces. Benjamin Franklin Gates great-great grandfather's name was mentioned in the page and was implicated that he could be involved to the killing of the former president Abraham Lincoln. Ben gates want to prove that his great-great grandfather is innocent and has nothing to do with the killing. He decided to investigate and search for the truth behind it. Along with his crew, they travel from Paris to London to search for clues. Upon searching for other clues they went back to Buckingham Palace that leads them to a book in the White House. They steal a page on the said book and they are all surprise of what they discover. They discovers the world's most treasured secrets.
Will Ben be able to clean the name of his ancestors?

Here's the official trailer of the upcoming movie National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Accidental Husband (2008)

Are you guys fund of listening radio stations where DJs used to advise their listeners about love?. Have you ever tried to confess something about your love life? And to get some advice and follow it?

Maybe you're curious, why am I asking that kind of questions. Well, the next movie that I am going to post is all about a DJ who advises one of her listener.

The said movie is entitled The Accidental Husband. It is an upcoming movie that was set to be released on theaters on March 7, 2008. This movie is directed by Griffin Dunne with cast Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and many more.

I don't have that much information about this movie yet. I just read some synopsis and it goes like this. Emma Lloyd which is portrayed by Uma Thurman is a successful radio host. She gives advices to her listeners about love. She is soon to be married to his fiancé named Richard(Colin Firth). Her happy life will soon turn upside down when one day, she give advice to one of the listeners and she told the said listener to broke up with her guy. The listener follows what Emma Lloyd told her. The listeners boyfriend named Patrick (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) discovers the truth why his girl broke up with him. Patrick planned a revenge.
As the wedding of Emma Lloyd and Richard draws near, Emma finds out that she is already married to a man she never met. Emma was so confused because of what she discovers, she started to look for his accidental husband. Emma find her mystery husband and that is Patrick.
Patrick pretend that he was surprised about the mysterious wedding. Emma want to fix things for her upcoming wedding to her fiancé, but as time goes by Emma Lloyd started to admire Patrick not knowing that he is the one who is behind those mysterious wedding. Will Emma discover the truth and be able to live a happy life with her fiancé ? or she will be living her whole life to Patrick?

Upon searching this romantic comedy film I found a clip from which is up on MoviesOnline.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cloverfield Movie The Official Trailer

Cloverfield Official PosterCloverfield movie was set to be released on January 18, 2008. This movie was directed by Matt Reeves and produced by J.J. Abrams with stars Michael Stahl-David, Mike Vogel, Lizzy Caplan and many more.

Cloverfield is one of the most awaited monster movie of 2008. Watching the trailer itself makes me more interested. The trailer was awesome. Its like your watching a real monster that's right in front of you.

The story goes like this. A bunch of young New Yorkers was throwing a party for one of their friend who is leaving. They are all enjoying the party when all of a sudden they here a strange sound and feels like theres an earthquake and people starts to scream. They all run up to the roof to see what's happening. They saw a building that erupts into a huge fire and after that they saw an unidentified object from the sky, people are running on the streets. Those scene was captured by their video camera, and it looks like a documentary movie about their attempt of surviving that horrifying event.

The Cloverfield's Official Trailer:

Friday, November 30, 2007

Rogue 2008 movie

Rogue is an upcoming movie about a group of tourist who is on a trip along the river of Austrailia not knowing that they are being stalked by a crocodile waiting for the right time to trap them.

Rogue is directed by Greg McLean with cast Michael Vartan, Sam Worthington, Geoff Morrell, Rob Taylor, Heather Mitchell and many more. This movie was set to be released on January 11, 2008.

Pete Mckell is an American travel magazine writer was assign to write a story about having a vacation on a rugged area such as Northern Austrailia. He cruise along the river which is the home of large crocodiles.

Pete was cruising the river along with the other tourists with a pretty guide Kate Ryan.

They are enjoying the view of the river with crocodiles not knowing that they those crocodile are waiting for the right time to catch them to trap them.

Will they be able to survive and fight the 25-foot crocodile?

Michael Vartan as Pete McKell
Radha Mitchell as Kate Ryan
Stephen Curry as Simon
John Jarratt as Russell
and many more..


Thursday, November 29, 2007

White Noise 2: The Light Direct to DVD

White Noise 2: The Light movie will be released on January 8, 2008 direct to DVD. The said movie was directed by Patrick Lussier with cast Nathan Fillion, Katee Sackoff, Adrian Holmes and many more.

This Direct to DVD movie is all about the phenomenon also known as EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena. The said phenomena is like the tune of a radio and some voices and in amidst you might see a detuned television and if you look closer you will see faces. The voices and the faces that you will see are the voices and the faces of the dead.

The movie goes like this, Abe Dale witnesses the death of his wife and son. They were murdered by a man in front of Abe Dale after the said killing the murderer also kill himself by shooting himself in his mouth. Because of the said death, Abe was so distressed, he misses his family so much. One day, he committed suicide by taking lots of medicine. But he was rescued by his friend and take him to the nearest hospital. The doctors do all their best to save Abe's life. Upon his Near Death Experience he saw some white light in some people and hear the voice phenomenon. He discovers that the light that he saw from those person is the manifestation that the said person will die. Because of what he discovers he was able to save three people's lives. While watching a video recorded by his son, he found out that the man who kill his wife and son is the same person who saves his son's life three days before they die. He began some investigations about it and upon the investigation he discover that every time he saves people's lives he needed to kill, if he did not do it lots of innocent people will die within three days.

Watch trailer here..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chucky will be back on big screen in Child's Play Remake

Remember this evil doll?
Yup, its Chucky. Chucky will be back on big screen on 2009. According to Child's Play inspired many imitations and sequels for almost twenty years. Kirschner told ShockTillYouDrop that the next Child's Play that they were going to do is the remake of the first Child's Play and even pushing it further and making a very terrifying version of the first one, which is pretty scary as it is. But, don't ever think that the upcoming remake will used some CG because they still using the animatronic doll just like the doll that they used to the previews movie.

There's no exact date yet, but this movie will be released on theater by the month of January or February.

Child's Play is all about a man named Charles Lee Ray who was killed by the police. Charles Lee Ray is a notorious serial killer. Upon his death, he transfers his soul to a doll. One day, Andy Barclay bought the doll where the soul of Charles was in. Charles will soon perform some voodoo chant to be able to transfer his identity to Andy.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bond 22, 2008 sequel of Casino Royale

Bond 22 is the title of an upcoming movie which is the sequel of the movie Casino Royale. It is a franchise of Bond movie. This movie is set to be released on November 7, 2008. Bond 22 is directed by Marc Foster and Daniel Craig will portray the role of James Bond again.

According to Paul Haggis, one of the screenwriter of this upcoming movie. Bond 22 or also known as The World Only Lives Tomorrow will pick up two minutes of the movie Casino Royale. Where a wounded Mr. White is confronted by James Bond. Bond 22 movie starts with Craig walking out from the lake with a butt fronting the camera. The British Secret Service want Bond to be a brunette but Bond insist, he want to stay blonde.

The movie was said to run within three hours. Daniel Craigs said that the makers of the film set up the idea now that there's an organization there that needs to be sorted out, and James Bond was set to a revenge.

The cast of Bond 22 are Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Judi Dench, Jesper Christensen and it was rumored that Goran Visnjic is also one of the cast and many more.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Sex and Death 101 (2008)

Sex and Death 101What will a man feel if one day he receives an email containing a list of a name of women? Names of women he had sex with in his past and also women he will have sex with in the future?

Strange right?!

Well, Sex and Death 101 is a dark comedy movie about a man who's life will turned upside down because of a strange email he received a week before his wedding.

Roderick Blank planned his wedding perfectly for his fiancee. But his life got miserable upon the existence of the said email. The said email consist of the list of every women he had sex with and he also realize that the list also contains names of women he ever will have sex with. Roderick becomes obsessed with the list, but he falls in love with a lovely woman that is not included in the list.

But, he also encounter a femme fatale media sensation named Death Nell. Death Nell seduces every guy that he met and put them into near-fatal trysts. She punishes every men she finds guilty of sex crimes against women.

Will Roderick be able to control his self and fight the list? or he will fall to that dangerous woman?

Sex and Death 101 movie will be released on theaters on February 2008. This movie is directed by Daniel Waters with cast Simon Baker, Leslie Bibb, Tanc Sade, Winona Ryder and many more. The said movie is the comeback trail of Winona Ryder.


Coming Soon

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Tale of Two Sisters Another 2008 Movie Remake

A Tale of Two Sisters Another 2008 Movie RemakeHollywood have done lots of remakes this past few years and now another Korean film was on their list. Kim Ji-Woon also known as A Tale of Two Sisters will be remake by Hollywood with the same title.
The said remake will star Arielle Kebbel, Emily Browning and many more. A Tale of Two Sisters is directed by Charles Guard and Thomas Guard. To be released on theaters on 2008.
As my not that good memory remember, the Korean psychological horror film Kim Ji-Woon is all about the two girls who discover a wicked force in their home while their stepmom's action becomes increasingly erratic.


Based on a classic Korean folk tale infused with '70s British horror. The DreamWorks version centers on modern-day teenage sisters Anna and Alex Rydell who return home from a mental hospital only to find their recovery unraveling because of a cruel stepmother, clueless father and a lingering ghost

Elizabeth banks as Rachael
Arielle Kebbel as Alex
Emily Browning as Anna
and many more..


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