Friday, February 29, 2008

Superhero Movie 2008

Superhero Movie 2008Reading the synopsis of this movie makes me think that it looks like the Spiderman movie. Remember Peter Parker who has been bitten by a spider. Just like Peter Parker, Rick Riker an ordinary teenager who's life will going to change because of the bite of a dragonfly.

Superhero Movie is a comedy movie slated to be released on March 28, 2008. This movie is written and directed by Craig Mazin. This movie is said to be the spoof version of the Spiderman the movie.

The spoof movie goes like this. Rick Riker is a high school loser who is always bullied by his classmate. One day, he was bitten by a mutated dragonfly. Because of the said bug bite he develop abilities like super strength and be able to have an armored skin. As he discovers his powers started to become a superhero he help other people and help fight crime on their city. He calls himself as The Dragonfly.

Of course a superhero will not be complete if there is no villainous. Lou Landers who accidentally transformed because of a failed experiment he became the Hourglass. He has the power to steal people's life forces to gain his immortality.

Will the Dragonfly be able to defeat the Hourglass?

Other superheroes are also included on this movie.

Drake Bell as Rick Riker/Dragonfly
Pamela Anderson as The Invisible Girl
Tracy Morgan as Mr. Xavier
Regina Hall as Mrs. Xavier
Christopher McDonald as Lou Landers/Hourglass
and many more..

Movie Trailer:

Thursday, February 28, 2008

College Road Trip Movie Stills

Here are the latest movie stills for the movie College Road Trip.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2009 - Cast, Plot, Trailer

X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2009 - Cast, Plot, TrailerX-Men Origins: Wolverine is set to be released on May 1, 2009. A Action-fantasy movie directed by Gavin Hood.

Hugh Jackman will be the one who will portray the role of Wolverine again. As we all remember Hugh Jackman is also the one who portray the role of Wolverine on X Men the movie. There are rumors that the director of the movie will also be included as one of the cast.

The other casts that are rumored to play a role in the upcoming movie Wolverine are: Kevin Durand as The Blob, the front man of the popular group singer Will.i.em is said to be playing the role of John Wraith also known as Kestrel, Dominic Monagahan and Daniel Henney will be portraying the role of Barnell Bohusk "The Blackwing, Beak" and Agent Zero. Ryan Reynolds is said to be playing the role of Deadpool, Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, Lynn Collins as Silver Fox and also Danny Huston as Stryker.

The plot of the movie was first reveled in The movie is said to be focusing on Wolverines Weapon. His first run with the Sabretooth and also about how he got the fancy adamantium skeleton.

Other information about this upcoming movie will be posted soon.

Movie Trailer:

Coming Soon

Nim's Island 2008 Adventure-Fantasy Movie

Nim's Island movie is an adventure-fantasy movie based on a book with the same title which is written by Wendy Orr.

Nim's Island is a movie about a young girl's imagination. Through her imagination she will build her own island where her favorite characters are present which includes the greatest adventurer Alex Rover. Nim imagines the island that is very magical. When her father get lost to the island that Nim's built. A team up will started to emerge with Nim and Alexander. Alexander is the author of Alex Rover's book and he is also Rover.

Nim's Island is directed by Jennifer Flacket and Mark Levin with cast Abigail Breslin, Jodie Foster, Gerald Butler and many more. This movie is slated to be released on April 4, 2008.

Movie Trailer:

Monday, February 25, 2008

Zack and Miri Make a Porno Movie

Zack and Miri Make a PornoZack and Miri Make a Porno is an upcoming comedy movie of Kevin Smith who is the director of the said movie.

This movie has no exact release date yet. But, this movie starts its productions last February 2008.

The director Mr. Kevin Smith describe this comedy movie as "a bawdy sex comedy with heart". A movie with nudity but, funny nudity and not gratuitous nudity.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno movie is a movie about two long-time friends named Zack and Miri who met again at their high school reunion. They both have problems with money so they decided to make an adult film together. As time goes by, and the camera was running, they started to realize the feelings that sparks between them.

The start of this upcoming comedy movie are Elizabeth Banks, Seth Rogen, Traci Lords, Jason Mewes and many more.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sex and The City's Latest Movie Trailer

Sex and The City's Latest Movie Trailer
Here's the latest movie trailer of Sex and the City the Movie.

Sex and the City is a popular television series from 1994-2000.

I know the teaser makes the Sex and the City fans excited to watch the movie. By this time, you will definitely can't wait to watch this comedy-romantic movie just by watching the latest trailer of the movie.

CJ7 Movie - Cheung Gong 7 hou (2008)

CJ 7 movie also know as Cheung Gong 7 Hou a Stephen Chow movie set to be released on U.S on March 7, 2008. This movie is directed and written by Stephen Chow along with Chi Keubng Fung. Starring Stephen Chow itself, Min Hun Fung, Chi Chung Lam, Jiao Xu and many more.

According to some critics this movie is suitable and educational for both children and adults. This movie was released in Hong Kong last
January 31, 2008.

CJ7 is a comedy, sci-fi movie about a father who will do his very best for his son. Ti is a Chinese laborer. He works all day at a construction site for his son Dicky. Even if they are poor Dicky was attending an ellite private school. But, Ti can't afford to buy his one and only son some expensive things. Ti is wearing an old clothes and he also don't have those cool toys that his schoolmate has.

Ti is very eager to give Dicky an expensive toy and the only place the Ti knows where he can get some new stuff for his son is the junk yard.

While looking for a new toy for his son he found a mysterious object, he bring it home to show to Dicky and for him to play with. Dicky was so surprise of what his father brought to him then suddenly the mysterious object turned into a pet for Dicky with extraordinary powers.

Dicky uses the powers of his alien pet friend to impress his schoolmate. He bring his CJ7 to his class and then chaos started to ensues.


Stephen Chow
as Ti
Jiao Ku
as Dicky
Min Hun Fung as the P.E. Teacher
Chi Chung Lan
as The Boss
Kitty Zhang Yugi
as Miss Yuen
and many more..

Movie Trailer:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Seventeen Again 2008 Movie don't know if this movie is a remake or what. Because I saw a movie with the same title and it was released year 2000. The plot is almost the same so, on my own opinion this movie is a remake. But, I am not sure if it is a remake.

By the way, Seventeen Again movie is a Burr Steers movie with cast Zac Efron, Michelle Trachtenberg, Matthew Perry and many more. This movie is set to be released on big screen on August 2008. It doesn't have the exact date yet because this movie is under production.

Seventeen Again is a comedy movie about a guy named Mike who finds his life not exactly as the life that he wanted to be. He is separated with his wife and he even don't have his own home. Even his releationships with his teenage childrens are not good. In short, he is not happu with his life.

One day, while driving home he saw a janitor who is about to jump into the river. He stopped the car immediately to rescue the guy but as he comes near the janitor the man disappears and he found himself falling unto the river and become a 17 year old guy.

He returns to his friends house and he convinced Ned his friend that he is Mike. So, Ned just pretend that he believes Mike. Ned decided to pretend that he is Mike's father and sent him back to high school.

He befriend his son and his daughter. As time goes by, he started to realyze that he is not a good father and also a good husband. He also visited his wife and discovers that he is falling in love with her.

Because of the things that he experience he wanted to know how to get back to his real age and fix everything. He wanted his wife and his children back because he realized that he has the perfect life after all.

Movie Trailer:

Coming Soon

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Happening (2008) A M. Night Shyamalan film

The Happening (2008) A M. Night Shyamalan filmThe Happening movie will be released on theaters on Friday the 13th. That's exactly June 13, 2008.

The Happening movie is written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. He is the maker of different thriller movie such as The Sixth Sense, Praying with Anger and many more.

The 20th Century fox presents a drama, sci-fi movie about a man who takes his family on the a run when the world turns upside down and a natural crisis that threatens the life of humanity. Elliot Moore along with his family will try to survive the environmental crisis.

On this movie, an invisible toxin is admitted into the air that peoples breath. Because of the said neurotoxin the people become suicidal.

The Happening movie is said to be the next M. Night Shyamalan best screenplay after The Sixth Sense.

Mark Wahlberg as Elliot Moore
Zooey Deschannel as Alma Moore
John Leguizamo as Julian
Edward James Hyland as Professor Wallace
and many more..

Movie Trailer:

Shutter Remake Movie Trailer

Here's the latest trailer for the movie remake Shutter.

Shutter Movie remake is set to be released on March 21, 2008 with cast Joshua Jackson, Rachael Taylor, David Denman, James Kyson Lee, John Hensley and many more. Directed by Masayuki Ochiai.

RSO - Registered Sex Offender Movie

RSO - Registered Sex Offender Movie

Movie Plot (imdb)
There may be one thing worse than being a sex offender sent to prison: Being a sex offender released from prison. RSO tells the story of one offender's unlikely rehabilitation.

Registered Sex Offender is a comedy movie slated to be released on big screen on March 1, 2008. This movie is written and directed by Bob Byington.

Gabriel McIver, Kristen Tucker, Kevin Corrigan, Andrew Bujalski are some of the cast of Registerd Sex Offender Movie.

Visit IMDB for more information about Registered Sex Offender Movie.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jurassic Park IV: The Extinction this Summer of 2008

Jurassic Park IV: The Extinction The Dinosaurs will soon be rushing on big screen. The Jurassic Park IV: The Extinction is expected to be released this year 2008.

Of course the dinosaurs are still there but they will no longer terrorize the jungle. In the fourth sequel of the Jurassic Park the dinosaurs will be seen on city.

Does this movie looks like the Godzilla movie or the King Kong who will destroy each buildings or houses that will block their way?

Laura Dem is still be on this movie as Dr. Ellie Satler. William Monahan is the writer of this upcoming sequel but the director are not yet mention.

I wonder what will be the look of the dinosaurs. A modern dinosaurs? Hehe..

This movie is under production.. more updates soon.

Monday, February 18, 2008

No Terminator for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sam Worthington as Terminator
The rumors are confirmed. Actor turned California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will not be portraying his role as Terminator on the fourth installment of the movie Terminator entitles Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.

The Terminator role was replaced by Sam Worthington. A young Australian Actor who starred on different television series like The Surgeon, Two Twisted and many more. Sam Worthington will also play the lead role in the upcoming movie Avatar.

Sylvester Stallone for the Cliffhanger Remake

Sylvester Stallone for the Cliffhanger Remake
Age doesn't matter!

I think that's Mr. Sylvester Stallone's motto. Why? Because Sylvester Stallone is set to revive his 1993 action-adventure movie.

The next Cliffhanger was said to be entitled The Dam. This is another action movie for the sixty year old Sylvester Stallone.

Rocky and Rambo receives lots of positive review that's why Sylvester Stallone will revive this climbing movie.

It was rumored that Sony pictures is in negotiation with Stallone for this remake. I think Sylvester Stallone will do this remake because he said that he will be making two more action movies and he is no stranger to remaking his own movies.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of Crystal Skull - Trailer (2008)

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of Crystal SkullIndiana Jones and The Kingdom of Skull is a Steven Spielberg adventure movie. It is set to be released on May 22, 2008.

A movie that is set in year 1957 with Harrison Ford as Professor Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. and also Shia LaBeouf, Ray Winstone, Cate Blanchett, Karen Allen and many more.

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of Crystal Skull is the fourth film of Indiana Jones movie series. This movie has an older version of Indy battling agents which is led by Spalko. Indiana Jones is in search of the Crystal Skull. This adventures will take him to New Mexico, Connecticut and even to the jungle of Peru. Along with him is his former lover Marion as well as Mutt and some fellow archaeologist.

Movie Trailer:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Street Kings Movie (2008) with Keanu Reeves

street kings, the night watchman movie posterStreet Kings is a movie about a veteran LAPD cop who finds difficulty in life after the death of his wife. Soon, he will discover that there is a corruption inside the police department where he is working. Because of the said corruption he will make a move against the cop culture. The investigation will lead him to question the loyalties of his co-cop.

Street Kings movie is a crime thriller movie directed by David Ayer with cast Keanu Reeves, Chris Evans, Forest Whitaker and many more.

Street Kings movie is set to be released on big screen on the 11th day of April 2008. This movie is formerly known as The Night Watchman.

Movie Trailer:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wonder Years

wonder yearsI am not familiar with this television series but, they said that this comedy-drama television series is one of the big hit. I am just wondering, is Wonder Years just like the modern television series nowadays?

The Wonder Years first aired on January 31, 1988. This television series consist of six seasons from 1988-1993. This television series had won several awards like 1988 Best Comedy Series, 1990 George Foster Peabody Awards and TV Guide named the show as one of the 1980's 20 best.

Fred Savage is the one who portray the role of young Kevin Arnold the main character of this television series, with Jason Hervey as Wayne Arnold (Kevin's brother), Olivia d'Abo as Karen Arnold (Kevin's sister), Alley Mills as Kevin's mom, Dan Lauria as his Dad, Josh Saviano as Paul Pfeiffer Kevin's bestfriend and his love interest Danica McKellar as Winnie Cooper.

The Wonder Years revolves to the story of kevin Arnold from his childhood up to his adulthood. Daniel Stern the one who is narrating the tv series which is the adult Kevin is telling the whole story.

The Wonder Years dramedy was set year 1968-1973. As the adult Kevin who is telling the whole story started to show and tell everything that happens to him on his adulthood period. Just like a typical boy who is facing some trials with his family, friends and even loved ones. He tells all his experiences from his first love and first kiss to his struggles in his first year in high school.

The Wonder Years television series was mostly based on Kevin's family relationship. The Wonder years television series last episode is the Independence Day. It is a final double episode. Winnie and Kevin decided to get a summer job. But, Kevin want to experience the taste of the adult life, so Kevin along with his friends plan to take a cross-country trip. But, Kevin's dad objects. He don't want Kevin to go, because his father don't want him to go he abandoned his friends and went back to their family business which is a furniture factory. Kevin and his dad have a huge fight and Kevin decided to leave. He told his dad that he want to find himself. He lived in a dorm along with some friends after securing a job in a restaurant. He also started to play poker and loose all her money and also his car. Other bad things happens like Winnie engaged in a passionate kiss to his co-workers. They argue and decided to separate but, they will soon meet each other trip where they began to argue again. Sooner or later, they talk about the different things that happens and about their future. They reconcile and go back to their hometown together. Winnie decided to went to Paris to study, even though they are far from each other for almost eight years. When Winnie returned to the US but, Kevin has a wife and a son.

That is the time when the episode closes. While I am writing this article I am imagining how's this television series is. From a black and white television, I am pretty sure that I am going to enjoy this television series at that time. And I would love to have a copy of this television series.

If you guys also want to grab a copy of The Wonder Years, I found this site where you can bid and grab a copy of the Wonder Years DVD at a very low low price. Visit - The Ultimate Entertainment Site and I am sure you will find lots of DVDs on Auction.

Metal Gear Solid Another Game to Live Action Movie

Metal Gear Solid Another Game to Live Action MovieMetal Gear Solid Movie is another upcoming video game to live action movie and is rumored to be released on 2009. The movie trailer that I added here is not the official trailer of the Metal Gear Solid Movie. The trailer was made by a metal gear solid fan.

It was may 2006 when it is first announced that Metal Gear Solid movie by Hideo Kojima. It was said to be that Sony Pictures is the one who is making the said movie. And now it is confirmed that Metal Gear Solid movie will soon be on big screen.

There are no further news about this upcoming movie. I'll just update you guys about the different information about The Metal Gear Solid movie. The Cast, plot and the trailer will be added soon.


Monday, February 11, 2008

"Yes Man" - Upcoming movie of Jim Carrey

Yes Man is a comedy movie starring none other than Jim Carrey. I know lots of Jim Carrey fans are waiting for his next movie.

Yes Man movie is set to be released on December 19, 2008. It is based from a book created by Danny Wallace. This upcoming movie is directed by Peyton Reed with Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper, Molly Sims and many more.

Yes man movie is a story of a man who decided to change his life by agreeing to everything that comes his way. Because of that, he won $45,000, he even meet a hypnotic dog, obtains a nursing degree and even finding the right girl for him.

Movie Trailer:

Coming Soon

Teeth And Nail Movie

Teeth And Nail MovieHave you guys heard the Teeth and Nail movie? I don't really know if this movie was released already or not.

On some movie site this movie was already released last October 16, 2007 while on Movie Web this movie was set to be released on November 9, 2008.

As I read the synopsis of this movie it is another movie about cannibals. Lots of movies about cannibals nowadays eh. I think the cannibals continually grow and they can't be killed. Hehe.

Teeth and Nail movie goes like this. There are group of people who survived from a post-apocalyptic fight. They went to an empty hospital and planned to rebuild their society. It was year 2012, because of the said world fight there is no gas, electricity, food and other human needs.

One day, the group saw a young girl and rescue her. They take the young girl to the said hospital where they are all hiding not knowing that a group of cannibal saw them and followed them.

The group of cannibal was known as the Rovers. As the Rovers saw where they are hiding the cannibals started to kill them. The living survivors must find a way for them to survived and to outwit their stalkers.

Teeth and Nail movie is directed by Mark Young with cast Michael madsen, VinnieJones, Rider Strong, Rachel Miner and many more.

Movie Trailer:

Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys Together (2008)

Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys Together (2008)Another movie directed and written by Tyler Perry is set to be released this 2008. There is no exact date yet but it was rumored that this movie was set on fall of 2008.

The Family that Preys Together is a comedy-drama movie about two families from different sides of the tracks who becomes intimately involved to each other because of love and business.

The Family that Preys Together
casts are Jennifer Hudson, Sanaa Lathan, Kathy Bates, Tockmond Dunbar, Alfre Woodard and also Tyler Perry.

Movie Trailer:

Coming Soon

Friday, February 8, 2008

Bedtime Stories 2008 with Adam Sandler

Bedtime Stories 2008 with Adam SandlerBedtime Stories, this movie makes me think. What's this movie all about? Well, be honest if anyone of you may read the title of this movie you will also think that this movie is some what a sexy movie but you are wrong.

Bedtime Stories is a 2008 comedy-family movie starring Adam Sandler, Keri Russell and many more. A movie directed by Adam Shankman. This movie will be released on big screen on December 25, 2008.

The plot goes like this:

Bedtime Stories
is a movie about the life of a busy architect. Even if he is so busy with his work he always make sure to take good care of his niece and nephew. He usually read some bedtime stories to them.
One day, while he is reading a bedtime stories to his nephews and niece something odd happens. The story that he is reading is coming to life.

Movie Trailer:

Coming Soon

This movie is still under production.

Nowhereland (2008) Eddie Murphy's Upcoming Movie

Nowhereland (2008) Eddie Murphy's Upcoming MovieNowhereland is a comedy movie set to be released on September 26, 2008. With cast Eddie Murphy, Thomas Haden Church, Vanessa Williams, Nicole Ari Parker and many more. This movie is directed by Karey Kirkpatrick.

Nowhereland is a movie about an executive who is having a problem with his career. One day, his daughter invited him to a different world. An imaginary world of his daughter. Soon, his seven-year old daughter's imaginary world will help him to solve his problems.

Eddie Murphy as Evan
Yara Shahidi as Olivia
Thomas Haden Church as Whitefather
Vanessa Williams as Lori Struthers
and many more..

Movie trailer:

Coming Soon

This movie is under production. I will just update this post when I found another information about this movie.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lonely Joe Movie A Straight to DVD

Lonely Joe Movie A Straight to DVDA Michael Coonce movie set to be released straight to DVD on May 1, 2008. With cast Matthew Harrison, Erica Leerhsen, Peter Speach and many more.

Lonely Joe movie revolves around Michele Connelly. Michelle Connelly is the younger sister of James Connelly. James Connelly died year 1993 along with Joe Gainard.

When the NY police responds to the reports of missing person they find the body of James and Joe. They found some evidence that is pointing Joe as the killer but he died because of natural causes that's why he also died on the said place where he killed James.

After the two missing bodies are discovered, lots of people began to disappears without knowing what the real reason is. Those bodies are found between the boundaries of a railroad markers 313-330.

After 10 years, Michele Connelly went back to the said place where the killings happen along with a New York Reporter. They started to investigate what happen to the said place. But, the Sheriff of the said place want to stop them. He said that what happen to their place in the past must be forgotten and they need to move on.

But, Michelle really want to know the truth and she has a feeling that the Sheriff is hiding something. She started to gather information to the people around the town.

Lots of years have passed but now Michele hind herself as a part of the mystery that she is investigating.

Erica Leerhsen as Michele Connelly
Matther Harrison as Ben Bradrum
David Fine as Lonely Joe Gainard
Peter Speach as Sheriff Pete Scoggins
and many more..

Teaser Trailer:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2

The Sisterhood of traveling pants 2According to Blake Lively this movie is an accumulation of all three books. "It's mostly the fourth book but in the beginning we tell what happened the past two summers. My storyline has a lot to do with the second book." Blake Lively said.

Sisterhood of traveling pants 2 is the sequel of the 2005 film The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. This movie is slated to be released on big screen on August 8, 2008. Sisterhood of traveling Pants 2 is directed by Sanaa Hamri with the original cast Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn, Blake Lively and many more.

This movie is based on the novel of Ann Brashares. This movie continues the story of the first movie. Three years after, the path of these four best girlfriends separates because it is their college years. But, even if they have their own life they still keep in touch to each other. They still sharing their experiences as they enters college. As time passes by, they continue to discover their own strength, fears, talents and also their capacity to love and be loved. They also need to make their own choices without the help of each other. But still, their bond stays intact and the power of their friendship continue to grow.

Amber Tamblyn as Tibby
Blake Lively as Bridget
Alexis Bledel as Lena
America Ferrera as Carmen
and many more..

Movie Trailer:

Movie Stills:
The Sisterhood of traveling pants 2 movie stills The Sisterhood of traveling pants 2 movie stills

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time is now on DVD

Cinderella 3 on DVDCinderella III: A twist in time is now available on - The Ultimate Entertainment Auction Site.

Cinderella III is a story of the popular fairy tale but they added a twist on the story. This movie was said to be the continuation of our favorite fairy tale Cindrella.

It was Cinderella and the Prince's wedding anniversary and they celebrate their wedding with Jaq, Gus and of course the fairy godmother in the woods.

Back in the former house of Cinderella where her step sisters Anastacia and Drizella was assigned to do all the chores that Cinderella left. They are both not happy with what they are doing. Anastacia always go to the woods for her not to do the chores.

One day, while Anastacia is on the woods she saw the fairy godmother doing some magic using the magic wand. The fairy godmaother accidentally dropped the magic wand in front of Anastacia. Anastacia get tha magic wand and rushes through their house for her to show to her mother. The fairy Godmother follows her and insist to give back the magic wand to her. During the tussle over the wand, it accidentally turned the fairy godmother into a stone. Cinderella's step mother Lady Tremaine was so amazed because of what happen. Because of that she thinks of a plan of reversing everything that happens to Cinderella and be able to erase the memories of the Prince.

They be able to come back to the time where Cinderella left her glass slipper. Lady Tremaine manages to make the slipper to fit to Anastacia. Because of that, the Duke announces the wedding of the Prince and Anastacia.

Cinderella was so shock because of what happen but, she knows for her self that the Prince will remember her. She sneak in to the servants entrance and manages to enter the palace and disguise. On the other hand, the Prince notices that Anastacia is not the girl that he met on the ball but with just one stroke of the wand by Lady Tremaine she be able to make the Prince forget Cinderella. The mice witnesses what happen and tell every little details to Cinderella. Because Cinderella is in disguise she manages to enter the room of her step mother. With the help of her little friends they be able to get the magic wand but before they can escape. Lady Tremaine manages to call the guards and be able to get the magic wand back to Lady Tremaine.

Lady Tremaine commanded the guard to throw Cinderella away the kingdom. But, before Cinderella be put on the next ship she manages to touch the Prince hands. The Prince feel something different and a very familiar feelings.

Before Cinderella sails off, Jaq and Gus talks to the Prince to tell everything that happens. They reunited again but Lady Tremaine will never give up. They manages to conceal themselves using the magic wand. And when the wedding day came, Lady Tremaine throw Cinderella along with her little friends in a meadow and turn Anastacia just like Cinderella.

Cinderella. Jaq and Gus manages to escape the all the struggles and run throug the palace. As soon as she arrived it was the time that the Prince and Anastacia was about to exchange vows. But, instead of "I do" Anastacia says "I don't". Everyone in the palace was so shock specially Lady Tremaine. She steps out of her hiding place and turn all the guard into animals. The Prince manages to block the magic of the wand by the use of his sword and it bounce back to Lady Tremaine and Drizella that makes them into a toad.

Anastacia get the magic wand and turn herself back to her normal self and then she gave the wand to Cinderela to be able to turn back the fairy Godmother into life. As soon as the fairy godmother turned back she creates a new wedding for Cinderella and the prince and live happily ever after.

On the other hand, Anastacia meet the baker and Lady Tremaine and Drizella punished to be a servant in the palace.

Jennifer Hale is the one who voice as Cinderella, Susan Blakeslee as Lady Tremaine Christopher Daniel Barnes as the Prince Charming, Tress MacNeille as Anastacia and many more. Cinderella III was directed by Frank Nissen. This movie was released direct to DVD last February 6, 2007.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Passenger (2008) - Cast, Trailer, Plot

Passenger (2008) - Cast, Trailer, PlotPassenger is a drama-thriller movie set to be released on September 5, 2008 directed by Rodrigo Garcia with cast Anne Hathaway, Patrick Wilson, David Morse and many more.

Passenger is a movie about a young therapist and 6 plane crash survivor. Claire (Anne Hathaway) was assigned to be the councel of the six survivor by her mentor.

Each of the passenger describe what they experience before the traumatic incident happen. But, a survivor named Eric (Patrick Wilson) is very different to the other survivor. He denies some if the incident that the other survivor said.

After the said accident, each of the survivor are mysteriously begin to disappear. The therapist suspected that Eric has something to do with it. She was so determined to know what's the truth about it and she will do everything to reveal the truth.

Movie Trailer:


Friday, February 1, 2008

Chain Letter (2008) - Cast, Plot, Trailer

chain letter 2008Chain Letter is a movie directed by Deon Taylor. The said movie doesn't have the exact release date yet but, it was rumored that this movie will be released by the month of October.

Chain letter is a story of a murderer who will kill those teenagers who will refuse to forward chain mail. The said killer is called "The Chain Man".

Nikki Reed, BradDourif, Keith David, Ling Bai are some of the cast of this movie.

Movie Trailer:

"Coming Soon"