Friday, November 30, 2007

Rogue 2008 movie

Rogue is an upcoming movie about a group of tourist who is on a trip along the river of Austrailia not knowing that they are being stalked by a crocodile waiting for the right time to trap them.

Rogue is directed by Greg McLean with cast Michael Vartan, Sam Worthington, Geoff Morrell, Rob Taylor, Heather Mitchell and many more. This movie was set to be released on January 11, 2008.

Pete Mckell is an American travel magazine writer was assign to write a story about having a vacation on a rugged area such as Northern Austrailia. He cruise along the river which is the home of large crocodiles.

Pete was cruising the river along with the other tourists with a pretty guide Kate Ryan.

They are enjoying the view of the river with crocodiles not knowing that they those crocodile are waiting for the right time to catch them to trap them.

Will they be able to survive and fight the 25-foot crocodile?

Michael Vartan as Pete McKell
Radha Mitchell as Kate Ryan
Stephen Curry as Simon
John Jarratt as Russell
and many more..


Thursday, November 29, 2007

White Noise 2: The Light Direct to DVD

White Noise 2: The Light movie will be released on January 8, 2008 direct to DVD. The said movie was directed by Patrick Lussier with cast Nathan Fillion, Katee Sackoff, Adrian Holmes and many more.

This Direct to DVD movie is all about the phenomenon also known as EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena. The said phenomena is like the tune of a radio and some voices and in amidst you might see a detuned television and if you look closer you will see faces. The voices and the faces that you will see are the voices and the faces of the dead.

The movie goes like this, Abe Dale witnesses the death of his wife and son. They were murdered by a man in front of Abe Dale after the said killing the murderer also kill himself by shooting himself in his mouth. Because of the said death, Abe was so distressed, he misses his family so much. One day, he committed suicide by taking lots of medicine. But he was rescued by his friend and take him to the nearest hospital. The doctors do all their best to save Abe's life. Upon his Near Death Experience he saw some white light in some people and hear the voice phenomenon. He discovers that the light that he saw from those person is the manifestation that the said person will die. Because of what he discovers he was able to save three people's lives. While watching a video recorded by his son, he found out that the man who kill his wife and son is the same person who saves his son's life three days before they die. He began some investigations about it and upon the investigation he discover that every time he saves people's lives he needed to kill, if he did not do it lots of innocent people will die within three days.

Watch trailer here..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chucky will be back on big screen in Child's Play Remake

Remember this evil doll?
Yup, its Chucky. Chucky will be back on big screen on 2009. According to Child's Play inspired many imitations and sequels for almost twenty years. Kirschner told ShockTillYouDrop that the next Child's Play that they were going to do is the remake of the first Child's Play and even pushing it further and making a very terrifying version of the first one, which is pretty scary as it is. But, don't ever think that the upcoming remake will used some CG because they still using the animatronic doll just like the doll that they used to the previews movie.

There's no exact date yet, but this movie will be released on theater by the month of January or February.

Child's Play is all about a man named Charles Lee Ray who was killed by the police. Charles Lee Ray is a notorious serial killer. Upon his death, he transfers his soul to a doll. One day, Andy Barclay bought the doll where the soul of Charles was in. Charles will soon perform some voodoo chant to be able to transfer his identity to Andy.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bond 22, 2008 sequel of Casino Royale

Bond 22 is the title of an upcoming movie which is the sequel of the movie Casino Royale. It is a franchise of Bond movie. This movie is set to be released on November 7, 2008. Bond 22 is directed by Marc Foster and Daniel Craig will portray the role of James Bond again.

According to Paul Haggis, one of the screenwriter of this upcoming movie. Bond 22 or also known as The World Only Lives Tomorrow will pick up two minutes of the movie Casino Royale. Where a wounded Mr. White is confronted by James Bond. Bond 22 movie starts with Craig walking out from the lake with a butt fronting the camera. The British Secret Service want Bond to be a brunette but Bond insist, he want to stay blonde.

The movie was said to run within three hours. Daniel Craigs said that the makers of the film set up the idea now that there's an organization there that needs to be sorted out, and James Bond was set to a revenge.

The cast of Bond 22 are Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Judi Dench, Jesper Christensen and it was rumored that Goran Visnjic is also one of the cast and many more.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Sex and Death 101 (2008)

Sex and Death 101What will a man feel if one day he receives an email containing a list of a name of women? Names of women he had sex with in his past and also women he will have sex with in the future?

Strange right?!

Well, Sex and Death 101 is a dark comedy movie about a man who's life will turned upside down because of a strange email he received a week before his wedding.

Roderick Blank planned his wedding perfectly for his fiancee. But his life got miserable upon the existence of the said email. The said email consist of the list of every women he had sex with and he also realize that the list also contains names of women he ever will have sex with. Roderick becomes obsessed with the list, but he falls in love with a lovely woman that is not included in the list.

But, he also encounter a femme fatale media sensation named Death Nell. Death Nell seduces every guy that he met and put them into near-fatal trysts. She punishes every men she finds guilty of sex crimes against women.

Will Roderick be able to control his self and fight the list? or he will fall to that dangerous woman?

Sex and Death 101 movie will be released on theaters on February 2008. This movie is directed by Daniel Waters with cast Simon Baker, Leslie Bibb, Tanc Sade, Winona Ryder and many more. The said movie is the comeback trail of Winona Ryder.


Coming Soon

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Tale of Two Sisters Another 2008 Movie Remake

A Tale of Two Sisters Another 2008 Movie RemakeHollywood have done lots of remakes this past few years and now another Korean film was on their list. Kim Ji-Woon also known as A Tale of Two Sisters will be remake by Hollywood with the same title.
The said remake will star Arielle Kebbel, Emily Browning and many more. A Tale of Two Sisters is directed by Charles Guard and Thomas Guard. To be released on theaters on 2008.
As my not that good memory remember, the Korean psychological horror film Kim Ji-Woon is all about the two girls who discover a wicked force in their home while their stepmom's action becomes increasingly erratic.


Based on a classic Korean folk tale infused with '70s British horror. The DreamWorks version centers on modern-day teenage sisters Anna and Alex Rydell who return home from a mental hospital only to find their recovery unraveling because of a cruel stepmother, clueless father and a lingering ghost

Elizabeth banks as Rachael
Arielle Kebbel as Alex
Emily Browning as Anna
and many more..


Coming Soon..

Friday, November 23, 2007

In the Name of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale on 2008

Dungeon SiegeBrightlight Pictures and Freestyle Releasing presents another movie based on a game series Dungeon Siege. The said movie is entitled In the name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale. A movie set to be released on theaters on January 11, 2008 and directed by Uwe Boll.

Dungeon Siege is a computer role-playing game series which is a mixture of some tactical managements and a point and click method.

Just like the game series In the name of the King movie has a land named Kingdom of Ehb. Kingdom of Ehb is ruled by a King named King Konreid. As a king he need to defend his kingdom from an Evil Gallian who want to overthrow him.
Gallian sents a horrifying army, Krugs an animal like warriors. Krugs will destroy and ruin every land on their way to the Kingdom. Even the simple life of a family man was destroyed as Krugs started to invade their peaceful life.
Krugs killed the son and kidnaped the wife of Farmer Daimon. Because of that, Farmer is determined to seek for revenge. Together with his friend Norick and a sorcerer Merick, they started a momentous journey to get the wife of Farmer back.
Along the way, they will deal with magic and adventure as their quest soon reveals his destiny in the kingdom.

Jason Statham as Farmer Daimon
Ray Liotta as Gallian
Burt Reynolds as King Konreid
Claire Forlani as Solana (Daimon's wife)
and many more..


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Spider-Man 4 to be released on 2009

As I watched the third sequel of the Spider-Man, i didn't find it as good as the first two movies. And now, there's a big question in my mind. Will the fourth sequel be better as the first and the second movie or it will be just like the third sequel?

Spider-man 4 is soon to be released on 2009 and according to Marvel Production there are lots more. Spider-Man movie will not stop to its fourth sequel. And also FreezeDriedMovies said that plans for the said movie are running smoothly. They also revealed the list of villains that is included to Spider-man 4 movie.

Dr. Curt Connors will be played by Dylan Baker he is the long awaited LIZARD and also Cletus Kasady one of the most horrifying evil villains. And there are rumors saying that the Black Cat is one of the villains.

Sam Raimi will return to direct the fourth sequel. Will Toby Maguire be the one to portray the fourth sequel again?

The only thing that we have to do for us to know is to wait for the movie to be released. Below is the teaser trailer that I found.

Teaser Trailer:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Prince of Persia Another Video Game-to-Movie

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time a third person action adventure video game will soon out on big screen with its film adaptation with the same title.

Well, I have a little information about this upcoming movie. Disney just released the schedule of this movie and according to them this movie will be released on big screen on July 19, 2009. The said video game to movie will be directed by Mike Newell.

Based on the video game, which allows an adventurous prince who teams up with a rival princess to stop an angry ruler from unleashing a sandstorm that could destroy the world.

Movie Trailer:

Updated: I just added the movie trailer of the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ripley's Movie.. Believe it or Not?

Ripley's Believe It or Not is one of the most popular television shows, which deals in different extraordinary things or events or anything that a human being executed that is very exceptional around the world.

Now, this television show will be on big screen. This upcoming movie will be directed by Tim Burton starring Jim Carey as Robert Ripley.

Before Robert Ripley gain some celebrity status, Believe it or not is a column in a chronicle back year 1930's. This chronicle is all about Robert Ripley's search for the greatest oddities in the whole world. Through searching and traveling different countries, he started to respect his exceptional discoveries as more than mere conquests to be documented.

According to some reviews, this movie will be released on theaters on 2009. I'll search for more information about this upcoming movie to give you viewers/readers an update.

Paris Hilton in Repo! The Genetic Opera

After several intrigues Paris Hilton will star on an upcoming movie Repo! The Genetic Opera a horror-musical movie in one. Try to watch the trailer and you will see Paris Hilton in a black hair singing.

The said movie is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman with cast Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino and as what I've said earlier Paris Hilton and many more. This movie will be released on theater on April 25, 2008.

Year 2056, organ failures has devastated the planet earth. An epidemic that makes every living creatures to panic. Scientist started to make some plan on how to overcome the said epidemic and the only solution that they think is a massive organ harvest.

Out of the said tragedy, GeneCo a biotech giants emerges. They provide organs transplantation with an easy payment plans, but GeneCo has all the right to implement repossession. Those persons who will not be able to pay the right amount an assassins contracted by GeneCo they are the "organ repo men". They are the one who will recover the property of the said biotech giants by any means.

Paul Sorvino as Rotti Largo
Paris Hilton as Amber Sweet
Alexa Vega as Shilo Wallace
Anthony Head as Nathan Wallace/Repo Man
and many more..


Monday, November 19, 2007

Wrong Turn 3?? - Teaser Trailer & Trailer

I just got interested about this movie after I watched the second part of Wrong Turn, even though I didn't got the opportunity to watch the first part. And I found the second part so gross and the face of those cannibal are so yucky, maybe because of their deformed face.

I just heard that Wrong Turn will be having its part 3. I heard that news from a forum. As I logged in on the said forum, I am shock of what I read Fox Home Entertainment is making the part 3 of the said movie. I am so curious about it so I started to search on the net and this is what I found.. FOX IS OPEN TO MAKING WRONG TURN 3.

Not only that, I also found the teaser trailer and the trailer of Wrong Turn 3. I wonder when this will be out. Is it on theater or another straight-to-DVD movie? Just like the second part.

Oh my!. Another Wrong Turn movie that will surely makes me scream. I don't have that much more information about the part 3. As soon as I found more information I'll post it here immediately.



Saturday, November 17, 2007

Definitely, Maybe 2008 Movie - Movie Review, Cast, Trailer

Definitely, Maybe is an upcoming romantic comedy film to be released on Valentines Day next year. This movie is directed by Adam Brooks the creator of Nothing Hill and Love Actually with cast Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin and many more.

This movie is all about a man who is about to divorce his wife until his daughter ask him how her parents fell in love.

Will Hayes is about to divorce his wife but before it happens his 10 year old daughter starts to ask him how his mom and dad fell in love to each other.
Will decided to tell the story but they have to change the name of the girl he met. He tells everything to her daughter, every little details. About his relationship to three woman which includes Maya's mom.
Will ask Maya his daughter why she's so curious about her past. Maya said that she want her dad to be happy, Will insist that he's happy but, Maya was not convinced.
As Maya bean to understand every little details of her dad's love story she started to understand that love is not so simple and easy. And as Will tells his story to his daughter, Maya helps him to realize that its definitely never too late to go back and reconcile with Maya's mom.. and maybe to find a happy ending.

CAST: Rachel Weisz as Summer Hartley Isla Fisher as April Elizabeth Banks as Emily Ryan Reynolds as Will Hayes Abigail Breslin as Maya Hayes
and many more..


Friday, November 16, 2007

Paris Hilton's Upcoming Movie "The Hottie and The Nottie"

The Hottie and the nottie posterParis Hilton's upcoming movie entitled THE HOTTIE AND THE NOTTIE will be released on theaters on February 8, 2008. This movie is directed by Tom Putnam. The other casts are Joel Moore, Christine Lakin and many more.

The movie tells the story of a girl who refuses to marry her boyfriend until his boyfriend find the perfect match for her best friend.

Nate met lots of beautiful girls after his family moved to another country. But, after being dumped by his current girlfriend Nate recalls his first crush when he was in the age of six Cristabel Abbott. And as he remembers, none of the girls he met could ever replace her in his life.
After collecting some data about Cristabel he went back to L.A. He discover that Cristabel is still single and she's so beautiful that makes every man turn their heads as she passes. But, he also discover that Cristabel won't marry any guy until she found a perfect guy for her not that beautiful best friend June Phigg.
Cristabel and June are always together. They went to different places together and do some stuff together, they even live together. But, the only thing that they don't do together is when Cristabel go on dates. The difference with this girls are Cristabel is one of the hottie in town while June has a severe case of notties. She's not that attractive.
Cristabel told Nate that if he found a perfect match for her best friend she will marry Nate. So, Nate started to look for a perfect guy for Cristabel's best friend. But, most of the guy turn their back to June. Because of that Nate think of a plan. Nate introduced June to a doctor for a makeover.
As time passes by, as Nate and June become friends and June started to emerge from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, Nate realized that the girl of his dream is not a hottie.

Paris Hilton as Cristabel Abbott
Christine Lakin as June Phigg
Joel Moore as Nate Cooper
and many more..


Thursday, November 15, 2007

"TEKKEN MOVIE" to be released on 2009

Who would ever forget this fighting game? I enjoy playing it and I know lots of kids who really love to play this videogame until now. After seeing the animated version of this videogame now, Crystal Sky and Sony's Screen Gems are the producer of the upcoming Tekken movie. It is the new version of the king of iron fist tournament.

It has been said that the Tekken movie will be directed by Charles Stone II and this movie will be released on theater on 2009. According to some news Jet Li will be one of the cast and will play the roll of "the boxer".

Namco's Tekken the movie is about two childhood friends who enter a worldwide martial arts competition. As they starter to win every fight on the said tournament they uncover the secret behind the Tekken Corporation.

There's no cast information available yet but here are the characters that are present on the movie from IESB.

Bryan Fury
Marshall Law
Steve Fox

Here's the teaser trailer of an upcoming action adventure movie TEKKEN.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

He Was A Quiet Man Movie

he was a quiet manAt first, when I saw the trailer of this movie I thought it is one of the upcoming action movie for December 2007 but, I'm wrong. It is actually a comedy-drama movie.

He Was A Quiet Man is a movie to be released on December 7, 2007. A comedy-drama movie directed by Frank Cappello with cast Christian Slater, Elisha Cuthbert and many more.

The movie revolves to a quiet man who becomes a hero after he saves the life of a woman.

It was another 8 hours of work for Bob Maconel, sitting in a dull cubicle like no one knows that he exists. It is a place where Bob feels completely out of sync. But, on this day his life will change.
On the same day, one of his co-workers snaps and open fires Bob grab the gun and kill the shooter but it was too late one of his co-worker was shot and that is Vanessa. Because of what he did he becomes a hero for stopping the guy and also for saving Vanessa's life.
While Vanessa is on the hospital Bob takes good care of her after the said incident.But, according to the doctors Vanessa will be paralyzed for life.
Hearing the bad news from her doctor makes Vanessa upset and she even ask Bob to kill her.
Will Bob do what Vanessa wanted? Will he be able to kill the only girl of his life?

Christian Slater as Bob Maconel
Elisha Cuthbert as Vanessa
William Macy as Gene Shelby
and many more..


Monday, November 12, 2007


drillbit taylorSeeing the trailer of an upcoming movie can make readers or movie goers become interested on a movie. So as you can see every movie that I posted in my site has its corresponding trailer, and here is another movie that I am going to present to you readers.

Drillbit Taylor a story of a freshmen high school students who becomes a target by the school bully on the first day of school. So, they decided to hire a low-budget soldier that will protect them.

This movie was directed by Steven Brill with cast Owen Wilson, Troy Gentile, Nate Hartley and many more. Drillbit Taylor was soon to be realesed on March 21, 2008.

Ryan, Wade and Emmitt are the three nerdy freshmen students who attends the first day of school. They met the school bully named Filkins, he looks like the fictional character in some series of novel. Because of that, the three nerdy became threaten. So, they hired a low-budgeted soldier Drillbit Taylor. But, at times go by they found out that Drillbit Taylor have its own agenda.

Owen Wilson as Drillbit Taylor
Troy Gentile as Ryan
Nate Hartley as Wade
David Dorfman as Emmit
and many more..


"This Christmas" A 2007 Drama Movie

This ChristmasThis Christmas a movie to be released on November 21, 2007. It is directed by Preston Whitmore II, a drama movie with an all star cast consist of Chris Brown, Loretta Devine, Delroy Lindo, Mekhi Pfeifer, Regina King and many more.

A movie that centers around a family and their first family reunion together for almost four years.

Its Christmas time and the Whitefield family decided to spend their holiday together after four years. They promise to each other that it will be one of the holiday that they will never forget.
All siblings come home for the first time in years with lots of baggage with them. Christmas trees is trimmed and lights are hung, lots of secrets are revealed and family bonds are tested. As their lives converge, they join together and help each other discover the true meaning of family.

Columbus Short as Claude Whitfield
Idris Elba as Quentin Whitfield
Regina King as Lisa Whitfield
Jessica Stroup as Sandy Whitfield
Chris Brown as Michael 'Baby' Whitfield
Sharon Leal as Kelli Whitfield
Mekhi Phifer as Gerald
Lauren London as Melody Whitfield
Brandon T. Jackson as the M.C.
Delroy Lindo as Joe Black
Loretta Devine as Shirley Ann Whitfield
and many more..


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Youth Without Youth Movie Review

youth without youthYouth without youth is a romantic-thriller movie directed by Francis Ford Coppola. This movie will be released on theater on December 14, 2007 with cast Tim Roth, Alexandra Maria Lara and many more.

This movie was based on a novella written by Mircae Eliade with the same title.

Domenic Matei, an aging Romanian linguistic professor. He miraculously survive from being struck be a lightning but he becomes younger. Because of that accident the Nazis became interested to him and also he is now in an abnormal intellectual abilities.
Before, he was an old man who feels like he has not led to his goal. He wanted to finish his great work aside from that he still wanted the girl of his dream that he foolishly lost when he was younger.
Now, he is leading the wild chase through Romania, Switzerland, India nad Malta.

Tim Roth as Dominic
Alexandra Maria Lara as Veronica/Laura
Andre Hinnicke as Josef Rudolf
Adriane Pintea as Pandit
Bruno Ganz as Prof. Stanciulescu
and many more..


Friday, November 9, 2007

Diary of Dead - Movie Review & Trailer

George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead is set to be released on February 15, 2008. It is the fifth horror film by George Romero.

This movie is all about a group of students shooting a horror movies that leads them to a world of real living corpses.

A group of students with their professor was filming a mummy horror film out in the woods. When they decided to pack up for the night, they hear a crisis report unfolding on the radio. Because of that report, one of the film makers decided to record all the events that they going to encounter.
Soon, they will discover that dead have arisen from their graves and they want to feast on the flesh of the living persons around them. Now, from a horror movie that they'll going to shoot to a documentary of their own experience with the zombies.

Shawn Roberts as Tony Ravello
Joshua Close as Jason
Michelle Morgan as Debra
Jon Dinicol as Eliot
Scott Wentworth as Maxwell
George Buza as Biker
and many more..


Sex and Breakfast a 2007 Independent Movie

sex and breakfastSex and Breakfast is a romantic dark comedy movie starring Macaulay Culkin, Eliza Dushku, Alexis Dziena, Kuno Becker and many more. It is directed by Miles Brandman. This movie was set to be released on January 22, 2008.

Sex and Breakfast is a movie about sex, love and communication.

Young couples relationships are on the rocks. That's why they decided to ask opinions on what are they going to do to make their relationships work.
James and Heather, Ellis and Renne are the young couples whose relationships isn't working. They are both decided to do anything to make their relationships work again.
They seek an advice of a therapist, Dr. Wellbridge. She offers the couples her experimental treatment. They have to swap partners to rekindle the cooling relationships.
Couples both agree on the said experiment. But after a series of mishaps jealousy, confusion and insecurities started to grow. The young couples realized that true love and lasting relationships are more than just sex and breakfast.

Macaulay Culkin as James
Kuno Becker as Ellis
Eliza Dushku as Renee
Alexis Dziena as Heather
and many more..


Stalking Santa A 2007 Mockumentary Movie..

Stalking Santa is a mockumentary proving if there is a real santa claus. Well, I think this movie is suited in this season. This movie was released last November 9, 2007. Stalking Santa was directed by Greg Kiefer and was narrated by William Shatner

Well, millions of people specially kids believed that there is santa. Ahh, don't ever try to deny that when you were kids you don't believe that there's what you called Santa Claus. I remember when I was a kid I used to recieve lots of presence from Santa, but as we grew up we recognize that it was our parents who put that presents on the sock that we used to hang near the window or the chimney if there's any.

Is There A Real Santa?. That's the big question that this movie will try to answer. This off beat comedy self-proclaimed "Santaologist" The Science of Santa.

Dr. Lloyd Darrow is a Santaologist, he is trying to discover the biggest mystery. He attempts to cut through government conspiracy, coroporate suppression and some countless phony mall santas in order for him to prove the existence of Santa Claus the merrymaker of the Yuletide season.
His wife's emotional and financial support leads Dr. Lloyd Darrow to continue what he is doing to reveal the truth about santa, despite of some problems his facing from his 12 year old son.
Lloyd obsessions takes him to different places from Egypt to the Shopping Center in Ohio. Will he be able to know the truth and prove to the world the existence of Santa Claus?

Christopher Clark as Dr. Lloyd Darrow
Lisa Clark as Barbara
Simon Taylor as Keith
Daryn Tuffs as Clarence
and many more..



junoFox Searchlight Pictures Presents a comedy movie about life and the bumps along the way "JUNO". This movie will be released on theater on December 14, 2007. Juno movie is directed by Jason Reitman.

Juno is a movie about a young girl who is facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Juno MacGluff is an ordinary teenager, but now she is facing a big problem. She just found out that she is pregnant by her best friend Paulie Bleeker on their first attempt at sex.
Juno decided to find a couple who wanted to adopt a child and by the help of her best friend Leah they found a perfect childless couple Mark and Vanessa.
Juno was so lucky because her parents support her as she faces those tough decision.

Ellen Page as Juno MacGluff
Michael Cera as Paulie Bleeker
Jennifer Garner as Vanessa
Jason Bateman as Mark
and many more..


Starting Out in the Evening - Movie Review

movie posterA movie to be released on November 23, 2007. A drama movie about a young graduating student who will going to teach a writer how to become famous again.
This movie is an adaptation of Brian Morton novella. Starting out In the Evening movie is directed by Andrew Wagner with cast Frank Langella, Lauren Ambrose and many more.

Leonard Schiller is a 70-year old novelist who is struggling to finish his novel for almost ten years. He had his four earlier books out of print, and still he is starving himself to the desire for success.
One day, an ambitious young graduate came into his path saying that Leonard should use her thesis to spur a rediscovery of Leonard's work. But, as time goes by Heather's real personal interest started to show up that leads Leonard to stirs up his long-dormant need for intimacy.
On the other hand, Ariel Leonard's daughter want to have a baby before its too late. Ariel is a bright and sensitive woman. She is intent to have a child to any man that crosses her path. She reconnects again with her ex-boyfriend Casey, a man that her Dad firmly disapproves of.
Because of Heather, Leonard's writing was threaten, also his health and his relationship to his daughter. Leonard's decided to put into practice the core theme of his novels and reconized that life is not designed for our comfort but for our struggles, for in struggle there is growth.

Frank Langelle as Leonard Schiller
Lauren Ambrose as Heather
Lili Taylor as Ariel
Adrian Lester as Casey
and many more..


Thursday, November 8, 2007

27 Dresses A Romantic Comedy Movie for 2008

27 Dresses was set to be released on theaters on January 11, 2008. The movie is directed by Anna Fletcher with cast Katherine Heigl, James Marsden and many more.

This movie receive a negative reviews from Cinematical and Slashfilm.

A young woman named Jane was always a bridesmade for 27 times. And on 28th times of being a bridesmade she is preparing to support her sister's wedding despite of falling in love to the man that her sister's husband-to-be.

Will she be able to marry the man she loves or she'll be just a bridesmade?.

Katherine Heigl as Jane
Malin Akerman as Tess
James Marsden as Kevin
and many more..


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

P.S., I Love You - Review, Trailer..

P.S.,I Love YouWarner Bros. presents a film adaptation of the book written by an Irish Writer named Cecilia Ahern entitled P.S., I Love You.

P.S., I Love You is directed by Richard LaGravenese with stars Hillary Swank, Gerald Butler and many more.This movie will be released on theater on December 21, 2007.

It is the story of a wife who is emotionally devastated after the death of her husband.

Holly Kennedy's husband died because of brain tumor. She was so dippressed and thinks that she can't live without his loving husband.
On a trip to his mothers house, Holly picked up a package address to her from his late husband. The said package contains recorded message and ten envelopes with a note telling her to open each envelop on the first of every month starting the month after he died. Those letters seems that her husbands comes back for her to help her to over come her sadness.
Those letters tells Holly what to do without her husband.
Each letters end with a phrase "P.S. I Love You"

Hilary Swank as Holly Kennedy
Gerard Butler as Gerry Kennedy
and many more...


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Alphabet Killer - A movie based on a true story

The Alphabet KillerThe Alphabet Killer is a movie based on a true story of the killings in Rochester, New York. This movie is directed by Rob Schmidt and was scheduled to be released on October 2008.

The murder and rape case of a 10 year old girl named Carla Castillo is the latest case that Megan Paige is working at. Megan Paige is a police investigator in Rochester, New York. Kenneth Shine her fiance is a companion in solving the said case.
Upon the investigation, Megan concluded that Carla Castillo is murdered by a serial killer in Churchville. But, during the investigation she begins to have hallucinations of Carla who is full of blood. She became paranoid and soon diagnosed with a paranoid schizophrenia. She ends-up in a psychiatric hospital and she also breaks off her engagement to Kenneth.
After two Years of medication , Megan regains her work in the police department because of the help of some support group and Kenneth has been promoted as the Captain. Another girl has been abducted, murdered and raped named Wendy Walsh. Because of that Megan thinks that the serial killer is back. Megan talked to Kenneth for her to be a part of the investigation. Kenneth allowed her to do so but only in adversary capacity. But, her symptoms start coming back and now she's hallucinating in a form of two girls.
Will Megan be able to solve the case? Who is the serial killer?

Eliza Dushku as Megan Paige
Cary Elwes as Capt. Kenneth Shine
Timothy Malloy as Stephen Harper
Michael Ironside as Captain Nathan Norcross
and many more..


AWAKE 2007 Movie Starring Jessica Alba and Hayden Christensen

Awake 2007 movieAwake movie is a psychological thriller to be released on theater on November 30, 2007. The movie is directed by Joby Harold, starring Jessica Alba, Hayden Christensen, Lena Olin and many more.

Awake movie is all about a man who suffers "anesthetic awareness". Anesthetic Awareness is also known as intra-operative awareness a condition that occurs during general anesthesia, it is where a patient don't have enough general analgesic to prevent consciousness and the recall of events.

According to a review this movie includes some nude scenes of Jessica Alba. I think the big screen will be flaming because of this hot and sexy actress.

Clay and Sam are happy living together as husband and wife. Until one day, Sam undergo an open heart surgery. During the operation where the Doctors have to put himself to sleep and inject an anesthesia. Sam didn't fall asleep he suffers "anesthetic awareness" and finds himself awake and aware of what the doctor will have to do to his body. He became paralyzed and in nearly comatose state. Sam hears one of the doctor said that they have to kill Sam to save themselves into trouble. Clay must decide for her to be able to save Sam's life.

Hayden Christensen as Clay
Jessica Alba as Sam
Christopher McDonald as Dr. Larry Lupin
Thomas McMahon as Officer McMahon
and many more..


Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm not there A Movie about Bob Dylan

Im not there posterA movie to be released on November 21, 2007. I'm not there movie is a movie about the life of Bob Dylan. In short this movie is a biography film. Directed by Todd Haynes, Starring Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett and many more.

Bob Dylan is one of the famous American singer-songwriter, an author, musician, a poet and also a disc jockey. A multi-talented man who contributes alot to the musical industry. His music start to recognized year 1960. And at the age of 66 he released an album last August 29, 2006 entitles Modern Times.

According to the producer of the film Christine Vachon. I'm Not There movie will tell a story using a non-traditional techniques, like poetic narrative style which utilized Dylan's songwriting. The said film is inspired by Dylan's music and his ability to imagine and re-create himself time and time again.

The title of the movie I'm not there is one of the title of the song from his album The Basement Tapes which is not officially released but it became popular not just because its the title of the movie but also the said song is the official soundtrack of the movie.

There are seven Bob Dylan's characters in the movie that embody a different aspect if the musician's life and work.

The Seven Bob Dylans
Christian Bale
Cate Blanchett
Marcus Carl Franklin
Richard Gere
Heath Ledger
Ben Whishaw
and many more..


THE MIST - Another 2007 Horror Movie

The Mist PosterThe Mist is an adaptation of a novella with a genre of science fiction and horror written by Stephen King. A novella about a small town which is covered by a fog phenomenon. The said novella was known as the last and the longest story written year 1980, a horror anthology Dark Forces which is edited by Kirby McCauley.

The Mist movie is written and directed by Frank Darabont and was scheduled to released on November 21, 2007. Starring Thomas Jane, Laurie Holden and many more.

A strange storm came at a town in Maine, the said town was enveloped by a for phenomenon. Experts can't explain if its man made or not but they are sure that its not super natural.

During the fog phenomenon anyone who will caught in the fog will be attacked by a deadly creatures.

Suddenly, a group of citizens were trapped inside the supermarket. They need to fight foe there survival.

Will they be able to know where that creepy fog came from and be able to survive?.

Thomas Jane as David Drayton
Laurie Holden as Amanda Dumfries
Andre Braugher as Brent Norton
Toby Jones as Ollie Weeks
and many more..


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Martian Child 2007 Comedy-Drama Movie

The martian Child PosterMartian Child movie is a combination of comedy and drama that was released on theaters last November 2, 2007. Martian Child movie is directed by Menno Meyjes, starring John Cussack, Bobby Coleman and many more.

This movie was adopted from a novelette with the same title written by David Gerrold. It won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette (1995) and Nebula Award for Best Novelette(1994).

This movie will touches every viewers heart. Seeing a kid inside a box rain or shine and he don't want to get out, he even wear a pair of sunglass to protect his eyes. Everybody thinks that he's from the other planet, the planet Mars. Until one day, a guy took him home and make the kid think that it is a bigger box. A guy that act as his father and treat the Martian Child as his son.

David a widower and a science fiction writer saw a refrigerator box on a street, and a little girl told him that there's a kid inside of the box and he don't want to get out because the kid is allergic to the sunlight. Everybody thinks that he's from the other planet.
David observes the kid rain or shine. Until one day, he decided to adopt the child. The little boy's name is Dennis he is six years old and he is claiming that he is from planet Mars. He even wear a belt made up of batteries because the gravity of the Earth is not enough to hold him down.
David took Dennis home and told him to think that it is a bigger box. He help Dennis to learn different things about the Earth. Some close friends and relatives told him not to keep Dennis but David object, he wanted to keep Dennis and treat him as a son.
Harlee is the only person who supported him. Soon David will discover that Dennis is from planet Mars, just like what the kid claim.

John Cusack as David
Bobby Coleman as Dennis
Amanda Peet as Harlee
Sophie Okonedo as Sophie
and many more..