Friday, March 14, 2008

The Ring 3 (2009)

I found this trailer while searching for the next movie to be post on my blog.

This trailer is the trailer for the upcoming movie The Ring 3. There is no exact date yet but it was announced that this movie will be soon on big screen on 2009.

According to IMDB the plot goes like this:
Set 30 years before the original, The Ring Three sees a young Samara Morgan cast away to a psychotic unit, thrust away from normality. Mentally unstable and in-animate, Samra vows to get revenge on her tormentors before she is tragically killed and dispersed down a well, however, unbeknown to her twisted parents and local pretty-girl Mary-Elizabeth Winstead, a curse is about to be born, a curse which will later claim many lives, as the vengeful spirit of Samara is born.

This movie is said to have much smaller budget than the first two films. If you can remember the third installment of the Japanese version of this movie which is the Ringu details the life of Sadako before she dies. Hideo Nakata is still the director of the third sequel.

I think we all need to wait for us to know if it is a good movie or not.


Anonymous said...

By the way, that's not the real trailer, I watched this one on youtube a while back, and I noticed that all of the footage on it is from the Ring 1 when Samara comes out of the TV to kill Noah. A trailer for a movie always has some footage from that one movie. The real one probably has something about Evelyn in it or maybe the moment that Anna and her husband adopted Samara since the plot is 30 years before Rachel watched the tape.

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