Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Creepshow A 1982 movie to be Remake..

Another famous movie is soon to be remake. Warner Bros Pictures is the one who will develop the remake of the 1982 horror-comedy movie.

Creepshow is a 1982 horror/comedy film directed by George A. Romero and was written by Stephen King. This movie is one of the most popular horror movie. This movie consists of five short films entitled "Joting Tales of horror", "Father's Day", "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill", "Something to Tide You Over", "The Crate" and "They're Creeping Up on You!".

Well, about the upcoming remake Warner Bros Pictures are not yet hired the writer of the remake. maybe, we will just have to wait for the other information. According to some sources the said remake is stated to be release on 2008. Also according to the Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros Pictures are planning to have a new version of the Creepshow. If the 1982 Creepshow movie with a collection of five stories but had nothing to do with one another. Now, the remake will share some characters.


No Cast yet..

Movie Trailer:

Coming Soon...


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