Friday, December 21, 2007

Run Fat Boy Run (2008)

Run Fat Boy Run movie posterRun Fat Boy Run movie is a romantic comedy movie to be release on March 28, 2008. It is directed by with cast David SchwimmerDylan Moran, Thandie Newton, Simon Pegg who also wrote the movie along with Michael Ian Black and many more.

Run Fat Boy Run is a story of a man named Dennis Doyle who is about to marry his pregnant fiance. But, on the day of the wedding he got confused and run away the wedding leaving his fiance and the rest of the visitors.

After five years, he realized that he still love Libby the woman whom he left on the altar. But Dennis discover that Libby already seeing a guy named Whit along with their son Jake. Dennis have to do something to win Libby and Jake's heart back. He finds out that Whit is a runner and he is about to run on the London Mike Marathon. He decided to run to the race where Whit will join for him to be able to prove to his friends and Libby that he is serious.

Dennis to everything to be able to win the race. But before the race began he heard that Whit proposes to Libby on Libby's birthday and she accept it. Despite of the depression that Dennis felt he still continue the race. During the race, Whit and Dennis had an accident that ends the two of them on a hospital. But, after a long rest Dennis went back to the race not knowing that Libby went to the hospital and became angry because of what happen. But sooner or later, upon watching the replay of the said accident Libby saw that Whit is the one who tripped Dennis off. This results in Libby and his son Jake being angry to Whit and they are both going to met Jake at the finish line. Dennis been able to finish the race and be able to reconcile to Libby and their son Jake.

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