Thursday, December 6, 2007

Steep - A 2007 Documentary Movie

Steep is a 2007 documentary movie about the group of skiers who found their calling on top of the big mountain. This movie will be released on theaters on December 21, 2007. Directed by Mark D. Obenhaus. This movie will feature the tragic death of Dougg Coombs and also some greatest athletes which includes Bill Briggs, Stefanno De Benedetti, Eric Pehota, Glen Plake, Shane McConkey, Chris Davenport, Ingrid Backstorm and Andrew McLean.

They all know that skiing is a very dangerous sports. But, they are willing to take all the risk for them to be able to slope down the mountain. As one of the cast said "If there is no risk, There is no Adventure".

Skiing exist for almost 35 years and there are lots of people who sacrifices their own life for the sake of the adventure. Doug Coombs is one of the best known skier of big mountains. But sadly, he died because of an accident in skiing in La Grave, France.

Steep documentary movie also talks about the tragic death of Dougg Coombs and answer some questions such as: How does a skier weigh the risks versus the rewards of a sport where the possibility of dying is ever present?

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NathanKP said...

Interesting sounding movie. I've never gone skiing, but I want to someday.

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Anonymous said...

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