Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Water Horse: Legend of The Deep(2007) - Plot, Trailer, Cast

This upcoming movie is from the producer and special effects team of the Oscar-winning movie Lord of the Rings along with the Revolution Studios, Beacon Pictures and also from the creator of The Chronicles of Narnia Walden Media.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep was scheduled to be release on theaters on Christmas Day December 25, 2007. A fantasy film based on a novel of Dick king-Smith entitled The Water Horse. The said movie is directed by Jay Russell with cast Emily Watson, David Morrissey, Alex Etel and many more.

Movie Plot:
A young Scottish boy named Angus MacMarrow found an egg while walking on the beach. He take it home and take good care of it until it hatches. As the egg hatched it reveals a different type of creatures that he never seen before. Angus name the said creatures as Crusoe. Angus along with his family keep Crusoe as their pet and they do their best to keep Crusoe as a secret.
But as days passes by, Crusoe grows and grows. Angus and his family was so worried they have to look for the better place for Crusoe to be able to live. Angus begins his journey and look for the right place for his pet. He face his greatest fears and risk his life to protect Crusoe.
Angus decided to bring Crusoe to Loch Ness the place where he found the egg which is Crusoe. Soon Crusoe becomes famous and was named as Loch Ness Monster.

Alex Etel as Angus MacMarrow
Emily Watson as Anne MacMarrow
David Morrissey as Capt. Hamilton
and many more..

Movie Trailer: