Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pathology (2008) - Cast, trailer, plot

PathologyPathology is the study and diagnosis of the cause of death. Through this study the experts examines the different organs of the dead from its tissues, cells and bodily fluids.

Pathology movie is a horror-thriller movie about the group of Phatologists who determines the cause of death of different people but, they wanna know who is the best. Not in knowing the cause of death but who is the one who will commit the perfect murder.

Ted Gray graduated on his class with flying colors. Upon graduating, he joins the most prestigious Pathology programs.

A group of Phatologist noticed his ability and determination. They invited Ted to be part of their group.

Upon having his new circle of friends,he will discover a secret about the group where he belong. The group conducted an after-hour game at the morgue. They should commit a murder which is undetectable.

Ted was shock about what he discovered. Now, he need to do something for him not to be the next victim of his new friends game.

Milo Ventimiglia as Ted Gray
Alyssa Milano as Gwen
Lauren Lee Smith as Juliette Bath
John de Lancie as Dr. Morris
and many more..

Movie Trailer:


Boy Pingas said...

the story seems very intriguing and its a combination of a detective and horror type movie. The theme of the movie is what makes it very interesting. its all about the dead...