Thursday, January 31, 2008

Babysitter Wanted (2008) - Cast, Plot, Trailer

Babysitter wantedBabysitter Wanted is a horror-thriller movie about a beautiful young lady who is about to live on his own. Angie Albright is now in college and she will leave in a dorm along with a roommate who is wilder than she thinks.

She is looking for a job and babysitting is the one his looking for. But, before she start looking for a job she will soon discover some horrifying cases on the school where she's in. The disappearance of female college student and a horrific murder. Because of the said rumor she became paranoid and thinks that someone is following her all over the campus.

She will soon meet a kind hearted man with a good smile named Rick. One night, when Angie's car won't start Rick is there to help her. Rick manage to bring Angie to the farmhouse where she will start her first job which is babysitting.

Angie realized that the farmhouse is very creepy and she receives some frank calls at night. Because of those frank calls she make a call to Rick and to the local sheriff. But, the farmhouse is a mile away from the town it is really hard to cry for help. She was so scared when the scary man begins to terrify her.

Angie need to have strength to be able to save her self from the murderer and also the life of a child who is sleeping upstairs.

Babysitter Wanted movie is directed by Jonas Barnes and Michael Manasseri with cast Sarah Thompson, Matt Dallas, Bruce Thomas, Nana Visitor and many more. There is no exact date for this movie yet.

Movie Trailer: