Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (2008)

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins 2008Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins movie is a story of a man who becomes popular in Hollywood but trying to escape his past. A comedy movie set to be released on big screen on February 8, 2008. It is directed and written by Malcolm D. Lee with cast Michael Clark Duncan, Martin Lawrence, Joy Bryant and many more.

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins movie is also known as The Better Man in USA. It is rated PG 13 for some sexual and crude content.

Movie Plot:
It is almost nine years when Roscoe Jenkins left his home town and become the most popular American talk show host. He was named as Dr. RJ Stevens and he used to give advices to millions of fans. He think he achieved everything that he wants. A loving lovely fiancée who is a television sweetheart, a 10 year old son and some money on his pocket.

One day, his parents called him up for him to go home and attend his parents 50th wedding anniversary. So Roscoe started to pack his things up along with his fiancée and his son. They were heading back to Georgia Roscoe's hometown. Roscoe thinks that it is his chance to prove to his family that he's not the same Roscoe that they know.

That was supposed to be his plan, but some things turned up side down lots of disasters happen. Roscoe is forced to take a hard look at the man he's become. And realize that he may be a superstar in Hollywood, but in his hometown he is just an ordinary guy.

Martin Lawrence as Roscoe Jenkins/Dr. RJ Stevens
Joy Bryant as Bianca Kittles
Mo'Nique as Betty
Louis C.K. as Marty
and many more..

Movie Trailer:


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