Friday, February 1, 2008

Chain Letter (2008) - Cast, Plot, Trailer

chain letter 2008Chain Letter is a movie directed by Deon Taylor. The said movie doesn't have the exact release date yet but, it was rumored that this movie will be released by the month of October.

Chain letter is a story of a murderer who will kill those teenagers who will refuse to forward chain mail. The said killer is called "The Chain Man".

Nikki Reed, BradDourif, Keith David, Ling Bai are some of the cast of this movie.

Movie Trailer:

"Coming Soon"


Anonymous said...

I really like the cast. And the plot of the movie kinda reminds me of the end of The Ring, when (SPOILER) she has to make copies and spread them or else she (and her son) will be murdered.

Rashad said...

you can read the full synopsis and view the trailer for this film at

Anonymous said...

This movie is taking too long to come out! I can't wait to see it, especially since Brad Dourif is in the cast. He's always good.

MikeAmazn said...

I can't for the life of me find this movie!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree the cast is wonderful. nikki reed, michael j. pagan, keith david as the main characters of the movie. then come deon taylor, roxanne avent, and mark burg. its overwhelming.

alisha said...

im getting pumped up for this movie i just heard Nikki Reed from twilight is in this movie and Betsy Russell from saw 6 is in this movie to and a lot more is in the movie to i keep watching the trailer i heard the movie was coming out in march so im just going to be waiting and watching them trailers.

Anonymous said...

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