Monday, November 26, 2007

Sex and Death 101 (2008)

Sex and Death 101What will a man feel if one day he receives an email containing a list of a name of women? Names of women he had sex with in his past and also women he will have sex with in the future?

Strange right?!

Well, Sex and Death 101 is a dark comedy movie about a man who's life will turned upside down because of a strange email he received a week before his wedding.

Roderick Blank planned his wedding perfectly for his fiancee. But his life got miserable upon the existence of the said email. The said email consist of the list of every women he had sex with and he also realize that the list also contains names of women he ever will have sex with. Roderick becomes obsessed with the list, but he falls in love with a lovely woman that is not included in the list.

But, he also encounter a femme fatale media sensation named Death Nell. Death Nell seduces every guy that he met and put them into near-fatal trysts. She punishes every men she finds guilty of sex crimes against women.

Will Roderick be able to control his self and fight the list? or he will fall to that dangerous woman?

Sex and Death 101 movie will be released on theaters on February 2008. This movie is directed by Daniel Waters with cast Simon Baker, Leslie Bibb, Tanc Sade, Winona Ryder and many more. The said movie is the comeback trail of Winona Ryder.


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forever lonely said...

such an unlucky man. being in a situation he could never imagine.

hope to receive that kind of email someday LOL... and pray not to have the same experience as Roderick Blank had.