Thursday, November 29, 2007

White Noise 2: The Light Direct to DVD

White Noise 2: The Light movie will be released on January 8, 2008 direct to DVD. The said movie was directed by Patrick Lussier with cast Nathan Fillion, Katee Sackoff, Adrian Holmes and many more.

This Direct to DVD movie is all about the phenomenon also known as EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena. The said phenomena is like the tune of a radio and some voices and in amidst you might see a detuned television and if you look closer you will see faces. The voices and the faces that you will see are the voices and the faces of the dead.

The movie goes like this, Abe Dale witnesses the death of his wife and son. They were murdered by a man in front of Abe Dale after the said killing the murderer also kill himself by shooting himself in his mouth. Because of the said death, Abe was so distressed, he misses his family so much. One day, he committed suicide by taking lots of medicine. But he was rescued by his friend and take him to the nearest hospital. The doctors do all their best to save Abe's life. Upon his Near Death Experience he saw some white light in some people and hear the voice phenomenon. He discovers that the light that he saw from those person is the manifestation that the said person will die. Because of what he discovers he was able to save three people's lives. While watching a video recorded by his son, he found out that the man who kill his wife and son is the same person who saves his son's life three days before they die. He began some investigations about it and upon the investigation he discover that every time he saves people's lives he needed to kill, if he did not do it lots of innocent people will die within three days.

Watch trailer here..


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