Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chucky will be back on big screen in Child's Play Remake

Remember this evil doll?
Yup, its Chucky. Chucky will be back on big screen on 2009. According to Child's Play inspired many imitations and sequels for almost twenty years. Kirschner told ShockTillYouDrop that the next Child's Play that they were going to do is the remake of the first Child's Play and even pushing it further and making a very terrifying version of the first one, which is pretty scary as it is. But, don't ever think that the upcoming remake will used some CG because they still using the animatronic doll just like the doll that they used to the previews movie.

There's no exact date yet, but this movie will be released on theater by the month of January or February.

Child's Play is all about a man named Charles Lee Ray who was killed by the police. Charles Lee Ray is a notorious serial killer. Upon his death, he transfers his soul to a doll. One day, Andy Barclay bought the doll where the soul of Charles was in. Charles will soon perform some voodoo chant to be able to transfer his identity to Andy.


Anonymous said...

Total Phail, I are teh super doll and i kills people. Chucky, Giving red haired things bad names since 1986