Thursday, September 27, 2007

Disturbia Movie Now Out on DVD..

Disturbia is a film inspired by the likes of Alfred Hitchcock's classic Rear View, but this movie is not a remake.

It is a thriller movie from DreamWorks pictures directed by D.J. Caruso. Starring Shia LaBeouf, Sarah Roumer, David Morse and many more.

Because of some sequences of terror and violence and some sensuality it is Rated PG-13 by the MPAA.

Kale's father Daniel Brecht died in a car accident while they are returning from a fishing trip.
Kale's father died in a car accident, a year after the death of his father he is reprimanded by her Spanish teacher because of sleeping during her class, he punches his teacher when his father was mentioned. Because of the said assault he was sentenced by a court to a three-month house arrest wearing an ankle monitor and he was prohibited in roaming beyond the boundaries of his house.
During the house arrest, he plays video game to avoid boredom, but his mother canceled his subscription to the iTunes Music Store and Xbox. So, he thinks of another way to satiates his boredom. It leads him in spying upon his surrounding neighborhood. He was accompanied by his best friend Ronnie who begin to view their girl neighbor Ashley, but because the binoculars collide with the window Ashley was alerted of what they're doing, so Ashley decided to join them.
One night, Kale becomes suspicious of Robert Turner, one of his neighbor in which the appearance matches the description given on a news detailing an errant serial killer. Kale, Ronnie and Ashley started to get some circumstantial evidence for Kale to prove that Robert Turner is the serial killer.
Are Kales' suspicions merely a product of cabin fever and his overactive imagination or its true?. Will Kale be able to prove that Robert Turner is a serial killer?

Shia LaBeouf as Kale Brecht
Sarah Roemer as Ashley Carlson
Carrie-Anne Moss as Julie Brecht
David Morse as Robert Turner
Matt Craven as Daniel Brecht
and many more..


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