Friday, September 14, 2007


Ratatouille is actually a vegetable stew, consist of eggplants, zucchini, some tomatoes, parsley, basils and some spices. But now Ratatouille is the title of a Pixar movie and distributed by Walt Disney pictures.
After the movie Toy Story which is said to be one of the best animated movies by Pixar. Now, its Ratatouille, it is all about a rat named Remy who dreamed of becoming a gourmet chef and Alfredo Linguini who is a prep cook and a garbage boy who is about to inherit a restaurant.
A movie that teaches lessons specially for those people who's always loosing hope. It will tell everybody to be strong and strive harder to reach for your dreams.
Remy is a rat who dreams of becoming a gourmet chef. He wanted to change the look of a rat. From stealing food to cooking. But his father Django said that it's impossible.
When the owner of the house found their colony. Remy separated from the others because he tried to save the cookbook that he found in the house where their colony lived before. He uses the cookbook to float in the storm drains to Paris. He found a restaurant named after the owner of the said cookbook. The "Gusteau" named after the owner Auguste Gusteau. Which is now run by a former sous-chef Skinner. He become inspired by Gusteau's motto "Anyone can cook".
While Remy is watching every moves of the cooks in the kitchen. He saw a young man came in, that's Alfredo Linguini. At first, he become a janitor on the said restaurant not knowing that the said restaurant is owned by his father. He arrives with a letter of introduction from his mother who is recently deceased and got the job of being a janitor on the said restaurant.
While cleaning, he spills the pot of soup he attempted to hide his mistake by adding some ingredients. Remy was shocked for what happen. He wanted to help Linguini but how? Because of being upset, Remy falls into the kitchen and attempts to fix the problem. Linguini saw everything that Remy did and he was shock and amaze at the same time.
Luckily, the soup is a success.
Not knowing that Skinny saw Linguini when he spills the soup. So Skinny decided to fire Linguini but Collete one of the cook told Skinny not to fire Linguini because of the soup that they think he cooked.
Remy and Linguini became good friends after that. Remy helped Linguini in every food that he cook buy tugging his hair for remy to control every moves that Linguini make. Remy do all the cooking while he's under Linguini's toque. But Skinny is watching every moves of Linguini and he wanted to know his secret. He even give Linguini a vintage wine which is Chateau Latour but it doesn't work. The next morning, Linguini has hung over, he's nearly tell Collete his secret but Remy tried to stop him so he pulled Linguini's hair making him falls to Collete and kiss her. They start dating, living Remy feeling abandoned. Meanwhile, Skinner start some investigation, he wanted to know the secret of Linguini. He wanted to fire Linguini because he knows that Linguini is the one who'll going to inherit the said restaurant.
After discovering the Gusteau's will Linguini now owns the restaurant. He fires Skinny and he becomes a star in Culinary World. That's the time when Remy found his colony. After Linguini's huge success he realized that he didn't need the help of Remy. That's the time when Remy lead the kitchen raid for his rat colony. Same time that a food critic is coming into the restaurant.
Linguini admitted to his crew that he can't cook without the help of a friend. He apologized to Remy for him to have him back and help him. He introduce Remy to his crew but they doesn't believe him. They left Linguini alone including Collete. Upon seeing Linguini so upset, Remy think of a plan of helping him. He ask the help of his colony and help Linguini cooked. While the food critic is waiting Collete come back to help Linguini and saw everything. She saw lots of rats in the kitchen and she was so shock. But, because she really loves Linguini she helps him.
Remy cook Ratatouille for the food critic and upon eating the said food, the food critic was so amaze and want to know who cooks it. Linguini want to show the food critic who really cooks, so he said that if the food critic will be able to wait until all the restaurant close he will show who's the cook. So, the food critic waited. Linguini introduced Remy to the food critic and Ego the food critic writes a review about the Gusteau's restaurant in which he said that it's the best restaurant in France.
Gusteau's restaurant is closed by a health inspector after being discovered that there's a rat in its kitchen. Ego lose his job and credibility. Collete and Linguini decided to open a new restaurant named Ratatouille, of course with the help of Remy and his colony and even the food critic.
Patton Oswalt - Remy's voice
Ian Holm - Skinner's voice
Lou Romano - Alfredo Linguini's voice
Janeane Garofalo - Collete's voice
Brian Dennehy - Django's voice father of Remy
Peter Sohn - Emile's voice brother of Remy