Saturday, September 15, 2007

Evan Almighty..

a 2007 comedy film and a sequel of the movie Bruce Almighty..
well, do you guys remember the story of Noah's Ark?. where God told Noah to build an ark because there's a storm coming and the said storm will last for 40 days and 40 nights.
This movie is directed by Tom Shadyac , starring Steve Carell, Lauren Graham and Morgan Freeman.
The movie has some amazing visual effects such as the flood and seeing the ark floating in the water towards Washington D.C. That was pretty amazing for me.
As the movie began with Evan Braxton a local TV newsman as a newly elected Congressman who wanted to changed the world but he never stated how. He pray to God for him to be able to be guided by God.
When he received his new home and job strange things happens. There are woods that sends to him every morning and animals keep following him. Then, there comes a time where he received eight vacant lots, and even stone age tools and even more woods are coming to their house. And what really makes him feel very strange is the number 614 that always appears everywhere he goes. Not knowing that those numbers represent a verse in the bible.
One day, Morgan Freeman who portrays the role of God told him that he should build an ark if he wanted to change the world. At first he don't want to believe every little thing that happens to him. God also told Evan that the flood will come September 22 mid-day. On that day onwards, beard started to grows in his face that whatever shave he does it still grows. He even got a dress that looks like the dress of Noah in the bible.
Because of the animals that keep following him wherever he goes causing him to be suspended as a Congressman after telling everyone about the flood and the ark that God told him to do so. Even his family left him alone because they think that Evan is crazy.
When his wife and children is in a restaurant God talk to his wife as a waiter and after God talks to her. He went back to Evan and help him building the ark. The animals that keep following Evan also help him to build the ark.
Seeing Evan and his family building the ark starts the controversy. Reporters from different part of the country came to see them. And even Congressman Long was there to stop Evan from what his doing. But they can't even get close to the ark because the lions are acting as the guard. Everybody laugh at them because of what they doing but they keep on building the ark until its finish.
September 22 came in there's no sign of storm coming, the sky is so clear. Congressman Long call the demolition team to stop Evan. But instead of doing so, Evan started to load all the animals in pair just like in the Biblical story of Noah. Dark clouds are surrounding the clear sky and rain starts falling, Evan calls everybody to get into the ark but suddenly the rain stopped and everybody laugh at them. His wife told him that he have to unload every animals 'coz there's no storm coming. When they have to start to unload all the animals the animals started to sit, sign of there's something would happen.
Evan think so hard what will happen next, after that the dam burst. Everybody panic and load themselves into the ark. The said flood came in the ark sails down the street of Washington to the feet of the Capitol Congressman Long was so shock seeing what happen.
After that, Evan back to his original him, Evan and his family go on a hiking trip and that's the last time he saw God saying "the way to change the world is by doing Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) one at a time".