Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Garfield Gets Real..

The fat, lazy and lasagna lover is back in the big screen.

The 3rd and maybe the last Garfield movie will be out on DVD and in theaters this coming November 20, 2007. This is the first fully animated movie of Garfield after the Garfield and Friends TV episode back in the year 1994.

We saw the first and second movie of Garfield has that live action and had Garfield as a Computer Generated cat for him to be able to speak and move his mouth. Now, the 3rd movie is perhaps more different, it is set to go for a completely computer generated movie. What makes me interested in this movie?. Well, not just because its Garfield, but also I wanna know how Paws Inc. make Garfield and other characters looks more realistic.

Well, familiar characters are still there in the movie such as Odie and Jon and there are added characters. It's produced by Paws, Inc., in cooperation with Wonderworld Studios and distributed by The Twentieth Century Fox.

Garfield gets tired of his routine in a comic strip so he decided to escape at the Cartoon World and heads to the real world. The world of humans. While living as a low key life of a real house cat. He began to miss his friends, family and even his jobs. He also misses the life of being a star in the entertainment business.
One day, he heard that his comics will be cancel if he doesn't return to the Cartoon World immediately. But, when he decided to go back evil forces are blocking his way.
Will Garfield be able to go back to the Cartoon World before its too late?

Garfield - fat, lazy and the star of his own comic strip
Jon - takes care of garfield and odie
Odie - the dog. give this dog a bone and he'll follow you anywhere
Eli - big friendly guy knows his way around a control panel. He works the board as Head Technician at the Comic Studio and is a good friend to garfield
Nermal - cute, energetic and annoying, planning to replace garfield as the star of the strip
Arlene - the love of garfields lofe.. if only someone would tell garfield
Charles - the non-sense director of comic strip production
Randy Rabbit - Billy Bear's sidekick and fishing buddy in the kids' comic strip 'Billy bear's woods'
Billy Bear - the star of the kids' comic strip. he's got a million of jokes