Monday, September 10, 2007

Eight Below...

The most amazing story of Survival, friendship and Adventure..
This movie is one of the must have film.. the dogs are well-trained!!.. and the setting.. whow!!.. it's looks like Antarctica...
This movie was based on a Japanese expedition to the South Pole that was year 1958..
A Walt Disney Pictures film directed by Frank Marshall.. and was released February 17, 2006..
The story is all about Jerry Shepard (Paul Walker)..who is a guide in Antarctica research base with the National Science Foundation.. He was sent in a mission with Dr. Davis McClaren to search for a rare meteorite from the planet of Mercury in Mountain Melbourne.. Because it's so hard to travel at that time because of the thick snow that surrounds the mountain.. that's why he suggested to use a dog sled instead of using a snowmobiles.. They reach the said mountain but they received an immediate callback because of the storm approaching to the mountain.. they immediately abandoned the mountain.. but on their way back.. one of the dog got wounded that was Old Jack so they need to stop for awhile.. while Dr. McClaren is walking around to get a radio connection he slides down.. fortunately Shepard been able to get his lead dog Maya to get a rope for them to be able to pull McClaren out of the freezing water.. upon battling to different conditions..they been able to reach their base in no time.. and they all need to evacuate.. unfortunately.. they don't been able to carry th dogs back because it was too heavy.. the dogs are temporarily left behind for almost six months.. after six months Jerry Shepard able to rescue his dogs.. sadly two of the dog didn't survive that was Dewey and Old Jack..
Paul Walker
as Jerry Shepard
Bruce Greenwood as Davis McClaren
Maya -
the lead dog.. been able to survive after beeing bitten by a leopard in its leg..
Buck- the biggest dog in the movie weighing over 120 lbs..
Dewey - he didn't survive in the movie.. he died after falling down the snow cliff..
- the young sled dog..
Old Jack
- the oldest dog in the group..
Shadow - the silvery, sleek.. if the other dogs in the movie has their double.. shadow do all the acting and the sledding role..
Shorty - the all-brawn-and-too-few-brains rebel dog.. a three year old dog..equally playful and all-white..
Truman - the identical brother of Dewey..

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Eight below Maya Eight below Buck Eight below Dewey Eight below max
Eight below Old jack Eight below shadow Eight below shorty Eight below truman