Monday, September 17, 2007

I Now Pronounce You.. Chuck and Larry

I now pronounce you chuck and larry poster
"I now pronounce you husband and husband, you may now kiss your husband."

A Comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan. Starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James. It was released in US last July 20, 2007.

The tagline goes like this "They're as straight as they can be, but don't tell anyone"

A funny movie about two men who marry each other because Chuck wants to save his family and Larry want to enjoy his single life. They pretend to be a gay couple in order to receive a domestic partnership benefits.


Chuck Levine and Larry Valentine are both firefighter veterans from New York. Chuck is a womanizer and want to enjoy his single life and Larry is a single father try to raise a daughter and an effeminate son Eric. After an accident Chuck owes his life to Larry because of saving him and shielding him from falling boards. Because of the said accident they both woke up in a hospital, Larry was shock because of the reaction of his children being in the hospital again where their mother died. Because of that Larry quit in his job because he's afraid of dying and he don't want to leave his children alone. While in hospital, Larry found an article about same-sex domestic partnership rights and decides to "marry" Chuck making him the beneficiary and caretaker of his children. Chuck agree because Larry saves his life.
That's where it all started. They registered their domestic partnership, a lawyer talks to them.
Alex McDonough told them that there is a specialist that been sent to make sure that Chuck and Larry are not pretending being a gay. Alex also told them to legitimize their relationship because if they don't do so, and if anyone would know about their lies they'll end up in jail.
So they follow the advice of their lawyer and marry in Canada, because it's not possible to have a same-sex marriage in New York.
After the said marriage, Clinton Fitzer the specialist that is sent to check if they're not faking everything. After that visits, Chuck and Larry went into shopping for gay stuff. While in shopping Alex called them and invite them in a costume party, in the said party Chuck and Larry meets Alex's gay brother. Because of pretending gay during the party they end up in a fight and Chuck ended up punching an activist. The next morning, they're called by the FDNY captain to warn for what they did.
Chuck is dating Alex and giving some love advice and they end up kissing but Alex stopped and apologize for what she just did. Because of the passionate kiss Chuck think that he's falling to Alex and he don't know what to do.
While saving a man stuck in a chimney Chuck and Larry had an argument, Chuck told Larry that because if that domestic partnership that they have he can't even tell Alex what he feels. To make things worst, a petition signed by the firefighters to transfer Chuck and Larry to different station. But the captain of the fire department did not agree to what they want. So he decided to put Chuck and Larry in different schedule so they can no longer work together.
After what happen, tabloids pick up Chuck and Larry's story and became media spectacles. They are thrown in jail including their co-firefighters. Councilman Banks shows up and told them that he'll drop all the charges but they have to face two condition...
Well, better watch the movie if you want to know what the conditions are. And you will also know what happen to the other characters in the movie.

Adam Sandler as Charles "Chuck" Lavine
Kevin James as Lawrence "Larry" Valentine
Jessica Biel as Alex McDonough
Dan Aykroyd as Captain Tucker
Richard Chamberlain as Councilman Banks