Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Exorcism of Emily Rose..

this movie was based on a true story of Anneliese Michel.. according to her mother, she dies to save other lost souls and to atone for their sins..
The Exorcism of Emily Rose is a 2005 horror/thriller movie directed by Scott Derickson..
This movie is all about a 19 year old college freshman.. who is said to be suffered in demonic possession.. and she dies under the care of a parish priest Father Richard Moore(Tom Wilkinson).. it's after being sent to an exorcism.. because of the death of Emily Rose the said parish priest is accused of negligent homicide.. because of the said case Lawyer Erin Bruner(Laura Linney) is the one who will defend the priest, Father Richard Moore.. but Lawyer Bruner said, she will just defend the priest if he will tell the story behind the death of Emily Rose.. so.. the priest don't have any choice but to tell the story..
Jennifer Carpenter as Emily Rose
Tom Wilkinson as Father Richard Moore
Laura Linney as Lawyer Erin Bruner

Anneliese Michel is a typical young Catholic woman from Germany.. but when she was 17 she suffer from convulsions.. and diagnosed Grand Mal Epilepsy.. Soon after several attack she then started to experience devilish hallucinations while praying.. she even hears voices.. after that she suffers from depression and even attempted a suicide..
On a pilgrimage a woman who accompanied her noticed that Anneliese avoided walking past a particular image of Jesus and she even refuses to drink a water from the holy spring.. the woman also said that Anneliese smells different..that she smelles bad..
the demons possessed by Anneliese are Lucifer, Judas Iscariot, Nero, Cain, Hitler and Fleischmann..
Other says that Anneliese just copying what she'd watched in William Friedskin's 1973 movie THE EXORCIST..

Oh My!!... Nobody knows what's the truth behind this...