Thursday, October 4, 2007

BloodRayne 2: Deliverance Movie On DVD..

BloodRayne 2 on auctionBloodRayne 2 sounds familiar?
Maybe, other reader may say BloodRayne is one of the hot game on PC, and others may say it's a sequel of the movie BloodRayne.
Well, to make things clear. BloodRayne 2: Deliverance is a sequel of the 2006 movie BloodRayne. This action/fantasy film is directed by Uwe Boll.
For some reason, this movie was released on DVD last September 18, 2007 instead of releasing it on theaters.

Rayne is a product of unnatural union of vampire and human, she's a Damphire she has all the power of a vampire. She's about to defeat Billy the Kid a Transylvanian Vampire who's planning to create his own kingdom.
The movie start when Newton Piles was assigned in a new project, he needs to write a tales about Wild West for the Chicago Chronicle, so he he went to Deliverance, Montana. Deliverance is the quietest town but it's about to change when Billy the Kid arrived.
Billy the Kid starts his diabolic plan, he even spares Newton's life, promising that Bill will give Newton the greatest story. Billy used the railway, he started building an army of cowboy vampires.
Rayne discovered that Deliverance town was overrun by a vampire, she uses her silver bullets in killing those cowboy vampire but, she was shot while escaping. Rayne met Pat Garett again and help her, she was shot badly and she needed blood. She told Pat about it and Pat decided to cut his arms and let Rayne drink his blood. Because of Pat's blood Rayne become strong again and she's ready to fight and defeat Billy the Kid with the help of Pat Garrett a vampire hunter and a member of Brimstone.
Will they be able to save the town by those vampire? Will they be able to survive?

Natassia Malthe as Rayne
Zack Ward as Billy the Kid
Michael Paré as Pat Garrett
and many more..


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