Friday, October 19, 2007

We Own the Night - Movie Review

Two brothers on opposite sides of the law.
Beyond their differences lies. LOYALTY.

A crime/drama movie that was premiered last May 25, 2007 at the Cannes Film Festival and was released in US and Canada theaters last October 12, 2007. We own the Night movie was written and directed by James Gray starring Joaquin Phoenix, Eva Mendes and many more.

The title of the movie came from a motto of NYPD's 1980 street crime unit.

According to an interview Eva Mendes was so nervous doing some sex scene with Joaquin Phoenix. She was so scared that according to her it was really hard to take off her clothes infront of so many people and a camera.

It was year 1988, the manager of a Russian owned nightclub in Brighton beach named Bobby Green lives with his carefree life with his girlfriend Amanda. Bobby Green spends his night partying and some drug-induced music. Bobby Green's real name is Bobby Grusinsky a black sheep son of a NYPD officers.

Veteran cops which includes the brother and father of Bobby was out to find and bring down the Russian gangster Vadim Nezhinkski which is happen to be the owner of the nightclub where Bobby works. Because of the all out war between the cops and the gangster Bobby and Amanda were caught in the middle of the war. Bobby needs to decide which side he's on.

Bobby chooses to be at the side of the cops when he's brother was badly wounded because of an assassination attempt and he discovers that his father was the next target of the assassination. He wanted to destroy Nezhinkski's organization for them to be safe. Even if Amanda his girlfriend don't want Bobby to join the cops because he might die. But, Bobby was decided to join force with his brother for an all-aout assault. Bobby and Joseph will try to proved the NYPD's 80's rallying cry in the war on drugs. "We Own the Night"

Joaquin Phoenix as Bobby Green/Grusinsky
Eva Mendes as Amanda (Bobby Green's girlfriend)
Mark Wahlberg as Joseph (Bobby Green's brother)
Alex Veadov as Vadim Nezhinkski
and many more..



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