Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mee-Shee: The Water Giant A 2005 Movie Now On

Mee-Shee:The Water Giant on DVDMee-Shee: The Water Giant a movie released year 2005 it was an anglo-german movie which is shot in New Zealand. Mee-Shee is a water monster known as the Ogopogo. It was a folklore from Canada and it began with Aboriginal people in the said country.

Even though the film receive some good reviews and some praises from movie critic Mee-Shee: The water Giant movie was released only on DVD and not on theaters in Canada.

Movie Plot:
A company from United States loses a drill while flying over a Canadian lake which is intended for work in Arctic. Because of what happen they contacted Sean to go to Canada and find the drill. But he promised his son that he will take him to Walt Disney World. So he needed to cancel it, his son was disappointed because of the cancellation of their trip. Even though his son Mac is disappointed, Mac agrees to go with him.
In Canada, they meet lots of local Indian one of them is Custer who helps Sean and his co-employee in the said mission. They used submarine for them to be able to visit the bottom of the lake and for them to take some pictures. During their voyage under the lake they saw an incredible giant creature. It was said to be the Mee-Shee, the legend of Mee-Shee is that the river lead to the ocean.
Mac meets the daughter of Custer named Pawnee, they went to a cave where Mac saw the local woman Indians feeding the Mee-Shee. They believe that they need to protect the Mee-Shee or else there something bad will happen. And it will make the life of Mee-Shee be endangered if other people will knew about Mee-Shee.
On the other hand, saboteurs from the rival oil company where Sean work came and destroy Sean's equipment and they search for the drill themselves. On the very first time they went down under water they saw Mee-Shee and shoot it with a harpoon. When Mac went to the cave again to look for the Mee-Shee and Mac saw the harpoon and remove it. Upon removing it, he tells the environmental ranger about what happen. Because of that they need to think of a way to catch the saboteurs and to keep Mee-Shee alive.

Bruce Greenwood as Sean Campbell
Daniel Magder as Mac Cambell
Tom Jackson as Custer
Luanne Gordon as Laura the environmental ranger
and many more..

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