Tuesday, October 9, 2007

On Oct. 16 Return to the House on Haunted Hill will be released on DVD..

Return to the House on Haunted Hill is the sequel of the 1999 movie House on Haunted Hill. It's a horror/thriller movie to be released straight to DVD on October 16, 2007. It's directed by Victoria Garcia.

The Vannacutt Mansion is where the terror of the House in the Haunted Hill began. It's where Doctor Richard Vannacutt and his stuff died. Some of the people live near the said mansion said that the mansion is haunted.
After several years, Billionaire Theme Park Mogul Steven Price and his guest was murdered on the said mansion year 1999. Authorities blame Price for the said murder, but a survivor named Sara Wolfe claims that ghosts were the responsible of the killing.
After eight years, Ariel Wolfe sister of Sarah learns from the police that her sister killed herself. She began to suspect what's the true story of her sister's death. Ariel received a book through mail it was sent by her sister before her suicide.
An archaeologist help her to know who's the owner of the said book. After several investigation it reveals that the book was owned by Doctor Vannacutt. And this book makes Ariel the next target in a deadly treasure hunt and lead them to go back to the House on Haunted Hill.

Amanda Righetti as Ariel Wolfe
Stevey Pacey as Richard Hammer
Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Richard Vannacutt
and many more..