Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Horror/Thriller Movie This November 2007.."P2"

A horror/thriller movie entitled P2 will be on theater this November 9, 2007. It's directed by Franck Kahlfoun and written by Alexandra Aja and Grégory Levasseur.

Because of the strong violence, terror and some harsh language used in the movie MPAA rated this movie R.

Angela Bridges is an ambitious young executive. It's Christmas eve but she's still in her office and working. When she decided to go home to attend her family's holiday party, she gets down to the parking garage where her car parked. But, her car refuses to start even if she tried to start it over and over, even her cell phone has no signal because she's in the underground of the building where she work.
As Thomas the security guard saw her he offer some help, Angela is nervous but she wanted to go home that's why she accepted the help that the friendly guard is offering. But the attempt of fixing and starting Angela's car failed. So, the security guard invited her for a little feast that Thomas prepared in the parking office. But, Angela just laugh at Thomas offer. Not knowing that Thomas has been watching her for almost a month. Because she refused at the said offer, Thomas beats her and put a pair of handcuffs on her hands.
Now, Angela must find a way to escape and leave the parking level P2. Without the help of anybody, she must overcome those physical and psychological challenges that she's facing..

Rachel Nichols as Angela Bridges
Wes Bentley as Thomas
Simon Reynolds as Bob Harper
and many more..



Ailene said...

Nice movie for this coming Halloween Season.

Anonymous said...

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