Monday, October 1, 2007

A Movie Directed by Peter Hedges "Dan In Real Life"..

Dan In Real LifeBuena Vista Pictures Production presents an upcoming comedy-romantic movie entitled Dan In Real Life starring Steve Carell, directed by Peter Hedges. This movie will be on theater on October 26, 2007.

The movie is all about a widower with three daughter who is also a writer of a parenting column in a newspaper.

Dan Burns is a columnist who is an expert in relationships. He is a single dad with three daughter and also a popular family adviser. One day, he fall in love to Marie, a beautiful girl who is a stranger in a bookshop, not knowing that this beautiful girl is the same girl that his brother is about to introduce as his new girlfriend during their annual get together.
During the get together, Dan and Marie hide their mutual attraction to each other but that's not for long time. They both can't help themselves and they both falling in love to each other.
Now, Dan is having a hard time. He realized that it's easy to give advice to other people. But the hardest thing to do is to follow his own advice.
What is the next move of Dan? Will he be able to let his brother know his feeling or just hide it and just keep it to him self?

Steve Carell as Dan Burns
Juliette Binoche as Marie
Dane Cook as Mitch Burns
and many more..