Tuesday, October 16, 2007 presents a action comedy movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend..

My Super Ex-girlfriend on DVDBreaking up with someone you love doesn't mean its the end of the world. You need to move on, especially if you'll going to have a girlfriend who's a Super Hero.
My Super Ex-Girlfriend - A action-comedy movie directed by Ivan Reitman, starring Luke Wilson, Uma Thurman and many more.
My Super Ex Girlfriend movie is all about a guy who dump a girl not knowing that this girl is a superhero, that's why she uses her super power to make his life a living hell.

Matt will do anything just to win the heart of Hannah, so he starts dating Jenny. After several days, Jenny becomes aggressive and more demanding and ultimately injuring Matt during their first sexual encounter. She also reveal to Matt that she's a superhero a G-Girl, she was granted a powers of invulnerability, heat vision and super-senses when she was exposed in a meteorites during her teenage years.
Matt and Hannah's friendship develop and Matt broke up with Jenny because of Jenny's escalating jealousy. Because of Matt's decision Jenny became angry and decided to use her power to ruin Matt's life.
G-Girl's arch nemesis and former boyfriend of Jenny Professor Bedlam talk to Matt in order to defeat Jenny but Matt disagree.
One day, Jenny caught Matt and Hannah in bed she attacked the pair. Because of what she did Matt decided to call Professor Bedlam to agree to his plan in one condition Bedlam will going to retire from being a supervillain. Professor Bedlam agree and told Matt about the plan.
On the next night, Matt ask Jenny if they can reconcile and want to resume their relationship. After a candlelit dinner, Hanna arrives seeing Jenny on Matt's lap. Jenny and Hannah fight that ends up revealing their own identity. They are both superheroes. Because of the said fight Jenny gets too close to the meteorite that makes her lose her powers. Professor Bedlam appears saying that he will never give up his power, Matt and Bedlam fight and an explosion happens that causes Hannah to fall from the apartment and regains Jenny's power.
Matt stopped Jenny and Hannah from fighting. Jenny admitted that Professor Bedlam is her true love and they both reconcile.
On the next day, Hannah and Jenny are helping each other in solving crimes. and Matt and Bedlam(now Barry) holds the purses of their girlfriends and end up having a beer.

Uma Thurman as Jenny Johnson/G-Girl
Luke Wilson as Matt
Anna Faris as Hannah
Eddie Izzard as Barry/Professor Bedlam
and many more..


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Ezhel Romero said...

you have a nice compilation of movies, I like this movie, Live to see Uma as a Superhero.