Saturday, October 6, 2007

Stardust-- Fantasy Movie of the Year: Movie Review

Another fantasy movie of the year directed by Matthew Vaughn. A movie based on a novel of Neil Gaiman with the same title.
This movie was released last August 10, 2007 in the United States the movie earns US $9,169,779 in its opening weekend. Stardust will be on local theater this coming October 10, 2007.

The story begins 1893 that was almost 150 years ago. A town named Wall was built beside a portal to the magical world named Faerie. One day, a man named Dunstan crossed the wall and met Una and make love to her. Una was a slave of Ditchwater Sal a witch.
After nine months, Una sends a baby in a basket to Dunstan, that was their son Una named the baby Tristan.
Eighteen years later, the magical kingdom Faerie was facing difficult times when King of Stormhold is dying, King of Stormhold has seven sons, three are already dead and four are still alive. They were fighting each other to know who will be the next king. The king decided to test his sons and think of a plan, he hurls a ruby in the sky and who could ever retrieve the ruby will be the next king.
Upon throwing the ruby into the sky, a star was knocked up and fall. Tristan saw the falling star and decided to get it for Victoria the girl he love. At the same time, three witch sister also saw the falling star, one of them leave to get the star for her to be able to devour its heart and to be able to restore her beauty and power.
Dunstan gives Tristan a package left by his mother, it's a Babylon Candle in which it can make him travel wherever he want. Tristan decided to used the said candle for him to be able to retrieve the falling star he saw for him to prove his love to Victoria, though he wanted to find his mother. Upon looking for the said falling star he saw a young woman Yvaine who is actually the falling star. Tristan was shocked but decided to bring Yvaine to Victoria.
Yvaine tried to escape but she was trapped by Lamia one of the three witches. While Tristan was asleep, stars talked to him and tell him he must protect Yvaine because the four brothers are coming. Tristan uses the Babylon Candle to escape and he wished to get back home. But they are thinking of different home so they end up at the sky and landed on a cloud.
They are captured by a notorious pirate named Captain Shakespeare. But, instead of killing them the Captain taught him various things such as fencing, playing piano for Yvaine and also waltz. After a few days, the captain dropped them near the Wall and Shakespeare crew saves them from the last surviving Prince of Stormhold.
While Yvaine was sleeping Tristan leaves her and get some strands of hair from her for him to be able to prove Victoria that he found the falling star and tell her he doesn't love her anymore.
At the same time, Yvaine met Lamia, Una and Ditchwater Sal at the border between Wall and Stormhold. Lamia kills Sal to free Una, Septimus was also killed by Lamia and Lamia died when Tristan and Yvaine embrace.
Finally, it was revealed that Una was the only daughter of the King of Stormhold and Tristan was the only living heir. Tristan got the ruby from Yvaine's necklace the only proof that he's the new King of Stormhold. He marry Yvaine and his father and Una reunited.
Eighty years past by, Yvaine and Tristan's children grown up. And for the last time, they botht use the Babylon Candle and wish to travel into heavens and became a twin stars.

Charlie Cox as Tristan Thorne
Claire Danes as Yvaine
Michelle Pfeiffer as Lamia
Nathaniel Parker as Dunstan Thorne (Tristan's father)
Kate Magowan as Una
and many more...


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James said...

Brilliant Movie

Anonymous said...

We went to see it for our daughter's 13th birthday. My wife ,son (11) and I all really enjoyed it aswell as the birthday girl herself . It has everything: fantasy, romance, comedy ,action and a good interconnecting storyline ! When do the DVD and playstation game come out ?