Thursday, October 18, 2007

THe Eye 2008 Movie A Remake OF "Jian Gui"

The EYE 2008 movie remake starring Jessica AlbaAfter I featured the Hollywood remake of My Sassy Girl another movie was going to have a remake in Hollywood. The Hong Kong Horror film entitled The Eye will be released on theater on February 1, 2008 with hot and sex star Jessica Alba. Directed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud produced by Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner.

Just like the Hong Kong Horror film Jian Gui, The Eye Remake is a story of a blind concert violinist named Sydney Wells who undergo a double corneal transplant to restore her sight. At first she don't have any problems about her new sight. She started to learn to see again by the help of her sister and her ophthalmologist.
As time pass by, she notice an unexplainable shadows and images that haunts her. They think that those that Sydney saw was because of Sydney's adjusting sight, or just a product of her imagination or maybe there's really something creepy about that eye.
Sydney started to be horrify because of what she see. Sydney knew that her new eye opens her to a terrifying world. This leads to Sydney to track down who is her eyes anonymous donor.

Jessica Alba as Sydney Wells
Allesandro Nivola as Dr. Paul Faulkner(Sydney's ophthalmologist)
Parker Posey as Helen (Sydney's Sister)
and many more..



qwert said...

Another movie remake? (Hollywood) Movie producers just can't think of an original concept/idea. Horror movies like(The Ring, The Grudge) were based on Asian films...

redeemer_spawn said...

This genre of movie make me rock., I always watched this kind of movie alone.,

marlon said...

I just hope that this upcoming movie will be at least have the same level of horror impact as the original version..

Anne_011885 said...

wow!!good choice.. i like horror movies..
good you share this one.. :-)