Monday, October 22, 2007

Pierce Brosnan's 2007 drama movie "Butterfly on a Wheel" renamed into "Shattered"

Butterfly on a Wheel is a drama movie starring Pierce Brosnan, Maria Bello, Gerald Butler and many more. It was directed by Mike Barker.

In U.S. Butterfly On A Wheel was renamed into Shattered. This movie was also a thriller movie with its great storyline and Pierce Brosnan as an antagonist.

It was a perfect marriage with a happy family of Neil and Abby Randall who is residing in Chicago. But, their happy moments together will be change when their daughter Sophie was kidnapped by Tom Ryan.
For almost twenty-four hours Neil and abby have nothing to do but to follow what Tom Ryan wants. But, Tom Ryan don't want money in exchange. Tom Ryan told Neil if he want his daughter back he have to kill an innocent man.
Time is running out, Neil and Abby have to face Tom Ryan's final and horrifying challenge.
Will they be able to kill an innocent man to save their daughters' life?..

Pierce Brosnan as Tom Ryan
Gerald Butler as Neil Randall
Maria Bello as Abby Randall
Emma Karwandy as Sophia Randall
and many more..