Friday, February 22, 2008

CJ7 Movie - Cheung Gong 7 hou (2008)

CJ 7 movie also know as Cheung Gong 7 Hou a Stephen Chow movie set to be released on U.S on March 7, 2008. This movie is directed and written by Stephen Chow along with Chi Keubng Fung. Starring Stephen Chow itself, Min Hun Fung, Chi Chung Lam, Jiao Xu and many more.

According to some critics this movie is suitable and educational for both children and adults. This movie was released in Hong Kong last
January 31, 2008.

CJ7 is a comedy, sci-fi movie about a father who will do his very best for his son. Ti is a Chinese laborer. He works all day at a construction site for his son Dicky. Even if they are poor Dicky was attending an ellite private school. But, Ti can't afford to buy his one and only son some expensive things. Ti is wearing an old clothes and he also don't have those cool toys that his schoolmate has.

Ti is very eager to give Dicky an expensive toy and the only place the Ti knows where he can get some new stuff for his son is the junk yard.

While looking for a new toy for his son he found a mysterious object, he bring it home to show to Dicky and for him to play with. Dicky was so surprise of what his father brought to him then suddenly the mysterious object turned into a pet for Dicky with extraordinary powers.

Dicky uses the powers of his alien pet friend to impress his schoolmate. He bring his CJ7 to his class and then chaos started to ensues.


Stephen Chow
as Ti
Jiao Ku
as Dicky
Min Hun Fung as the P.E. Teacher
Chi Chung Lan
as The Boss
Kitty Zhang Yugi
as Miss Yuen
and many more..

Movie Trailer:


Anonymous said...

This film sounds great, my kids will love it (both ages 7).
PS. English grammar correction (only two) ....Ti is wearing old clothes and he also doesn't have those cool toys that his schoolmate has.
Ti is wearing an clothes and he also don't have those cool toys that his schoolmate have.
sorry it's the english teacher in me