Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Metal Gear Solid Another Game to Live Action Movie

Metal Gear Solid Another Game to Live Action MovieMetal Gear Solid Movie is another upcoming video game to live action movie and is rumored to be released on 2009. The movie trailer that I added here is not the official trailer of the Metal Gear Solid Movie. The trailer was made by a metal gear solid fan.

It was may 2006 when it is first announced that Metal Gear Solid movie by Hideo Kojima. It was said to be that Sony Pictures is the one who is making the said movie. And now it is confirmed that Metal Gear Solid movie will soon be on big screen.

There are no further news about this upcoming movie. I'll just update you guys about the different information about The Metal Gear Solid movie. The Cast, plot and the trailer will be added soon.



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