Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lonely Joe Movie A Straight to DVD

Lonely Joe Movie A Straight to DVDA Michael Coonce movie set to be released straight to DVD on May 1, 2008. With cast Matthew Harrison, Erica Leerhsen, Peter Speach and many more.

Lonely Joe movie revolves around Michele Connelly. Michelle Connelly is the younger sister of James Connelly. James Connelly died year 1993 along with Joe Gainard.

When the NY police responds to the reports of missing person they find the body of James and Joe. They found some evidence that is pointing Joe as the killer but he died because of natural causes that's why he also died on the said place where he killed James.

After the two missing bodies are discovered, lots of people began to disappears without knowing what the real reason is. Those bodies are found between the boundaries of a railroad markers 313-330.

After 10 years, Michele Connelly went back to the said place where the killings happen along with a New York Reporter. They started to investigate what happen to the said place. But, the Sheriff of the said place want to stop them. He said that what happen to their place in the past must be forgotten and they need to move on.

But, Michelle really want to know the truth and she has a feeling that the Sheriff is hiding something. She started to gather information to the people around the town.

Lots of years have passed but now Michele hind herself as a part of the mystery that she is investigating.

Erica Leerhsen as Michele Connelly
Matther Harrison as Ben Bradrum
David Fine as Lonely Joe Gainard
Peter Speach as Sheriff Pete Scoggins
and many more..

Teaser Trailer:


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