Friday, February 29, 2008

Superhero Movie 2008

Superhero Movie 2008Reading the synopsis of this movie makes me think that it looks like the Spiderman movie. Remember Peter Parker who has been bitten by a spider. Just like Peter Parker, Rick Riker an ordinary teenager who's life will going to change because of the bite of a dragonfly.

Superhero Movie is a comedy movie slated to be released on March 28, 2008. This movie is written and directed by Craig Mazin. This movie is said to be the spoof version of the Spiderman the movie.

The spoof movie goes like this. Rick Riker is a high school loser who is always bullied by his classmate. One day, he was bitten by a mutated dragonfly. Because of the said bug bite he develop abilities like super strength and be able to have an armored skin. As he discovers his powers started to become a superhero he help other people and help fight crime on their city. He calls himself as The Dragonfly.

Of course a superhero will not be complete if there is no villainous. Lou Landers who accidentally transformed because of a failed experiment he became the Hourglass. He has the power to steal people's life forces to gain his immortality.

Will the Dragonfly be able to defeat the Hourglass?

Other superheroes are also included on this movie.

Drake Bell as Rick Riker/Dragonfly
Pamela Anderson as The Invisible Girl
Tracy Morgan as Mr. Xavier
Regina Hall as Mrs. Xavier
Christopher McDonald as Lou Landers/Hourglass
and many more..

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all alone said...

the idea of a biting dragonfly seems funny to think that dragonfly really is capable of biting to harm others...