Monday, February 11, 2008

Teeth And Nail Movie

Teeth And Nail MovieHave you guys heard the Teeth and Nail movie? I don't really know if this movie was released already or not.

On some movie site this movie was already released last October 16, 2007 while on Movie Web this movie was set to be released on November 9, 2008.

As I read the synopsis of this movie it is another movie about cannibals. Lots of movies about cannibals nowadays eh. I think the cannibals continually grow and they can't be killed. Hehe.

Teeth and Nail movie goes like this. There are group of people who survived from a post-apocalyptic fight. They went to an empty hospital and planned to rebuild their society. It was year 2012, because of the said world fight there is no gas, electricity, food and other human needs.

One day, the group saw a young girl and rescue her. They take the young girl to the said hospital where they are all hiding not knowing that a group of cannibal saw them and followed them.

The group of cannibal was known as the Rovers. As the Rovers saw where they are hiding the cannibals started to kill them. The living survivors must find a way for them to survived and to outwit their stalkers.

Teeth and Nail movie is directed by Mark Young with cast Michael madsen, VinnieJones, Rider Strong, Rachel Miner and many more.

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allineed said...

Cannibal type movies seems viable to many movie watchers. I don't know why but I like to watch this kind of movies. the release date of this movie is quite confusing, anyways, as soon as I get a chance to watch this, I'll watch it right away...

Anonymous said...

The movie is out, and it's really good. =)