Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wonder Years

wonder yearsI am not familiar with this television series but, they said that this comedy-drama television series is one of the big hit. I am just wondering, is Wonder Years just like the modern television series nowadays?

The Wonder Years first aired on January 31, 1988. This television series consist of six seasons from 1988-1993. This television series had won several awards like 1988 Best Comedy Series, 1990 George Foster Peabody Awards and TV Guide named the show as one of the 1980's 20 best.

Fred Savage is the one who portray the role of young Kevin Arnold the main character of this television series, with Jason Hervey as Wayne Arnold (Kevin's brother), Olivia d'Abo as Karen Arnold (Kevin's sister), Alley Mills as Kevin's mom, Dan Lauria as his Dad, Josh Saviano as Paul Pfeiffer Kevin's bestfriend and his love interest Danica McKellar as Winnie Cooper.

The Wonder Years revolves to the story of kevin Arnold from his childhood up to his adulthood. Daniel Stern the one who is narrating the tv series which is the adult Kevin is telling the whole story.

The Wonder Years dramedy was set year 1968-1973. As the adult Kevin who is telling the whole story started to show and tell everything that happens to him on his adulthood period. Just like a typical boy who is facing some trials with his family, friends and even loved ones. He tells all his experiences from his first love and first kiss to his struggles in his first year in high school.

The Wonder Years television series was mostly based on Kevin's family relationship. The Wonder years television series last episode is the Independence Day. It is a final double episode. Winnie and Kevin decided to get a summer job. But, Kevin want to experience the taste of the adult life, so Kevin along with his friends plan to take a cross-country trip. But, Kevin's dad objects. He don't want Kevin to go, because his father don't want him to go he abandoned his friends and went back to their family business which is a furniture factory. Kevin and his dad have a huge fight and Kevin decided to leave. He told his dad that he want to find himself. He lived in a dorm along with some friends after securing a job in a restaurant. He also started to play poker and loose all her money and also his car. Other bad things happens like Winnie engaged in a passionate kiss to his co-workers. They argue and decided to separate but, they will soon meet each other trip where they began to argue again. Sooner or later, they talk about the different things that happens and about their future. They reconcile and go back to their hometown together. Winnie decided to went to Paris to study, even though they are far from each other for almost eight years. When Winnie returned to the US but, Kevin has a wife and a son.

That is the time when the episode closes. While I am writing this article I am imagining how's this television series is. From a black and white television, I am pretty sure that I am going to enjoy this television series at that time. And I would love to have a copy of this television series.

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