Friday, February 8, 2008

Bedtime Stories 2008 with Adam Sandler

Bedtime Stories 2008 with Adam SandlerBedtime Stories, this movie makes me think. What's this movie all about? Well, be honest if anyone of you may read the title of this movie you will also think that this movie is some what a sexy movie but you are wrong.

Bedtime Stories is a 2008 comedy-family movie starring Adam Sandler, Keri Russell and many more. A movie directed by Adam Shankman. This movie will be released on big screen on December 25, 2008.

The plot goes like this:

Bedtime Stories
is a movie about the life of a busy architect. Even if he is so busy with his work he always make sure to take good care of his niece and nephew. He usually read some bedtime stories to them.
One day, while he is reading a bedtime stories to his nephews and niece something odd happens. The story that he is reading is coming to life.

Movie Trailer:

Coming Soon

This movie is still under production.