Saturday, November 3, 2007

Martian Child 2007 Comedy-Drama Movie

The martian Child PosterMartian Child movie is a combination of comedy and drama that was released on theaters last November 2, 2007. Martian Child movie is directed by Menno Meyjes, starring John Cussack, Bobby Coleman and many more.

This movie was adopted from a novelette with the same title written by David Gerrold. It won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette (1995) and Nebula Award for Best Novelette(1994).

This movie will touches every viewers heart. Seeing a kid inside a box rain or shine and he don't want to get out, he even wear a pair of sunglass to protect his eyes. Everybody thinks that he's from the other planet, the planet Mars. Until one day, a guy took him home and make the kid think that it is a bigger box. A guy that act as his father and treat the Martian Child as his son.

David a widower and a science fiction writer saw a refrigerator box on a street, and a little girl told him that there's a kid inside of the box and he don't want to get out because the kid is allergic to the sunlight. Everybody thinks that he's from the other planet.
David observes the kid rain or shine. Until one day, he decided to adopt the child. The little boy's name is Dennis he is six years old and he is claiming that he is from planet Mars. He even wear a belt made up of batteries because the gravity of the Earth is not enough to hold him down.
David took Dennis home and told him to think that it is a bigger box. He help Dennis to learn different things about the Earth. Some close friends and relatives told him not to keep Dennis but David object, he wanted to keep Dennis and treat him as a son.
Harlee is the only person who supported him. Soon David will discover that Dennis is from planet Mars, just like what the kid claim.

John Cusack as David
Bobby Coleman as Dennis
Amanda Peet as Harlee
Sophie Okonedo as Sophie
and many more..



Jian said...

Hmmm interesting, and John Cusack is a very good actor.

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