Saturday, November 17, 2007

Definitely, Maybe 2008 Movie - Movie Review, Cast, Trailer

Definitely, Maybe is an upcoming romantic comedy film to be released on Valentines Day next year. This movie is directed by Adam Brooks the creator of Nothing Hill and Love Actually with cast Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin and many more.

This movie is all about a man who is about to divorce his wife until his daughter ask him how her parents fell in love.

Will Hayes is about to divorce his wife but before it happens his 10 year old daughter starts to ask him how his mom and dad fell in love to each other.
Will decided to tell the story but they have to change the name of the girl he met. He tells everything to her daughter, every little details. About his relationship to three woman which includes Maya's mom.
Will ask Maya his daughter why she's so curious about her past. Maya said that she want her dad to be happy, Will insist that he's happy but, Maya was not convinced.
As Maya bean to understand every little details of her dad's love story she started to understand that love is not so simple and easy. And as Will tells his story to his daughter, Maya helps him to realize that its definitely never too late to go back and reconcile with Maya's mom.. and maybe to find a happy ending.

CAST: Rachel Weisz as Summer Hartley Isla Fisher as April Elizabeth Banks as Emily Ryan Reynolds as Will Hayes Abigail Breslin as Maya Hayes
and many more..