Monday, November 19, 2007

Wrong Turn 3?? - Teaser Trailer & Trailer

I just got interested about this movie after I watched the second part of Wrong Turn, even though I didn't got the opportunity to watch the first part. And I found the second part so gross and the face of those cannibal are so yucky, maybe because of their deformed face.

I just heard that Wrong Turn will be having its part 3. I heard that news from a forum. As I logged in on the said forum, I am shock of what I read Fox Home Entertainment is making the part 3 of the said movie. I am so curious about it so I started to search on the net and this is what I found.. FOX IS OPEN TO MAKING WRONG TURN 3.

Not only that, I also found the teaser trailer and the trailer of Wrong Turn 3. I wonder when this will be out. Is it on theater or another straight-to-DVD movie? Just like the second part.

Oh my!. Another Wrong Turn movie that will surely makes me scream. I don't have that much more information about the part 3. As soon as I found more information I'll post it here immediately.




Spella said...

i have 2 say...this movie is sooo good...i loved it...but the second part is better than the first part...maybe the third part will be even better!! :))

Tomfum said...

i can't wait, it's gonna be brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Opulently I to but I dream the list inform should secure more info then it has.