Friday, November 9, 2007

Stalking Santa A 2007 Mockumentary Movie..

Stalking Santa is a mockumentary proving if there is a real santa claus. Well, I think this movie is suited in this season. This movie was released last November 9, 2007. Stalking Santa was directed by Greg Kiefer and was narrated by William Shatner

Well, millions of people specially kids believed that there is santa. Ahh, don't ever try to deny that when you were kids you don't believe that there's what you called Santa Claus. I remember when I was a kid I used to recieve lots of presence from Santa, but as we grew up we recognize that it was our parents who put that presents on the sock that we used to hang near the window or the chimney if there's any.

Is There A Real Santa?. That's the big question that this movie will try to answer. This off beat comedy self-proclaimed "Santaologist" The Science of Santa.

Dr. Lloyd Darrow is a Santaologist, he is trying to discover the biggest mystery. He attempts to cut through government conspiracy, coroporate suppression and some countless phony mall santas in order for him to prove the existence of Santa Claus the merrymaker of the Yuletide season.
His wife's emotional and financial support leads Dr. Lloyd Darrow to continue what he is doing to reveal the truth about santa, despite of some problems his facing from his 12 year old son.
Lloyd obsessions takes him to different places from Egypt to the Shopping Center in Ohio. Will he be able to know the truth and prove to the world the existence of Santa Claus?

Christopher Clark as Dr. Lloyd Darrow
Lisa Clark as Barbara
Simon Taylor as Keith
Daryn Tuffs as Clarence
and many more..