Saturday, November 3, 2007

The 11th Hour A Documentary movie Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio..

The 11th Hour a 91 minutes documentary movie directed by Nadia Commers and Leule Conners Peterson. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio an environmental activist. He narrates the documentary film on and off the camera.

This documentary movie is all about the global climate change in the whole world. It features interviews with different scientists, environment experts and also some well-known personalities such as Soviet's former Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev, Stephen Hawkins a scientist, Ray Anderson, Thom Hartman, Jerry Mander and many more.

Seeing the trailer itself is really shocking for me. Those disasters and tragedies like huricane, floods, earthquake and also there are lots of garbage all over the world. This documentary gives people some knowledge on how to protect the environment.

This movie is an eye-opener to different people, a documentary movie that is need to be told to the humans all over the world for us to know the relationship of humans and our planet which is our home.



chicharon said...

Its nice to know that there is still documentary films such like this...It would really be an eye opener to the people who do not know how to protect the environment...I'm looking forward for this movie

Anonymous said...

is this thing gonna come out online, to dvd????

patrick said...

just watched 11th Hour, the "Nature's Operating Instructions" extra feature is especially interesting... apparently there is some amazing technology built into nature, a lot there that we should use as a model for our own technology