Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ripley's Movie.. Believe it or Not?

Ripley's Believe It or Not is one of the most popular television shows, which deals in different extraordinary things or events or anything that a human being executed that is very exceptional around the world.

Now, this television show will be on big screen. This upcoming movie will be directed by Tim Burton starring Jim Carey as Robert Ripley.

Before Robert Ripley gain some celebrity status, Believe it or not is a column in a chronicle back year 1930's. This chronicle is all about Robert Ripley's search for the greatest oddities in the whole world. Through searching and traveling different countries, he started to respect his exceptional discoveries as more than mere conquests to be documented.

According to some reviews, this movie will be released on theaters on 2009. I'll search for more information about this upcoming movie to give you viewers/readers an update.


Wii Games said...

Nice! one of my favorite tv show is now going to be a movie. but how will they do it? what its going to look like? hmm, can't really visualize this tv show to be a movie.