Thursday, November 15, 2007

"TEKKEN MOVIE" to be released on 2009

Who would ever forget this fighting game? I enjoy playing it and I know lots of kids who really love to play this videogame until now. After seeing the animated version of this videogame now, Crystal Sky and Sony's Screen Gems are the producer of the upcoming Tekken movie. It is the new version of the king of iron fist tournament.

It has been said that the Tekken movie will be directed by Charles Stone II and this movie will be released on theater on 2009. According to some news Jet Li will be one of the cast and will play the roll of "the boxer".

Namco's Tekken the movie is about two childhood friends who enter a worldwide martial arts competition. As they starter to win every fight on the said tournament they uncover the secret behind the Tekken Corporation.

There's no cast information available yet but here are the characters that are present on the movie from IESB.

Bryan Fury
Marshall Law
Steve Fox

Here's the teaser trailer of an upcoming action adventure movie TEKKEN.


DVD Sales Online said...

This will be a cool movie to watch...but, WHAAAATTTT!!?? Those sexy characters are not included? WHY!?

gHing!!:) said...

don't be so disappointed the cast are not yet announced.. maybe we have to wait for a couple of months..

Anonymous said...

Another Gay american remake... I hope somebody destroys America soon so decent people can make decent movies... Don't get me wrong the Batman Dark Night movie rocked. but Tekken with gay actors... check for details

Anonymous said...

Ok, please stop calling this a gay remix.. YES WE ALL KNOW HOLLYWOOD CAN DESTROY GREAT GAMES AND ANIMES.. but what can you do about it?
and NO! those are not gay actors.. they gay one is u.. go have fun with Bruno!
Those actors are amazing in my opinion.. looking forward to the movie.

Anonymous said...

this isnt a real trailer. the cast info has been released u can see it at but a trailer stiil has not been released