Friday, November 9, 2007

Starting Out in the Evening - Movie Review

movie posterA movie to be released on November 23, 2007. A drama movie about a young graduating student who will going to teach a writer how to become famous again.
This movie is an adaptation of Brian Morton novella. Starting out In the Evening movie is directed by Andrew Wagner with cast Frank Langella, Lauren Ambrose and many more.

Leonard Schiller is a 70-year old novelist who is struggling to finish his novel for almost ten years. He had his four earlier books out of print, and still he is starving himself to the desire for success.
One day, an ambitious young graduate came into his path saying that Leonard should use her thesis to spur a rediscovery of Leonard's work. But, as time goes by Heather's real personal interest started to show up that leads Leonard to stirs up his long-dormant need for intimacy.
On the other hand, Ariel Leonard's daughter want to have a baby before its too late. Ariel is a bright and sensitive woman. She is intent to have a child to any man that crosses her path. She reconnects again with her ex-boyfriend Casey, a man that her Dad firmly disapproves of.
Because of Heather, Leonard's writing was threaten, also his health and his relationship to his daughter. Leonard's decided to put into practice the core theme of his novels and reconized that life is not designed for our comfort but for our struggles, for in struggle there is growth.

Frank Langelle as Leonard Schiller
Lauren Ambrose as Heather
Lili Taylor as Ariel
Adrian Lester as Casey
and many more..